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-one of the most cost effective general purpose cleaners

-ir`s very thick consistency makes its very long lasting

-highly recommended for the commercial cleaning market

-removes most types of dirt from most washable surfaces


Evans Pine Gel - Floor Cleaner

Pine Gel is often used as a floor cleaner and floor maintenance cleaning product. It's very low PH and superb cleaning power has made Pine Gel one of the most widely used floor cleaning products in Ireland. Highly recommended for washing newly polished floors like marmoleum floors, amtico floors, vinyl floors, rubber floors, altro floors, polished marble floors, polished terrazzo floors, polished travertine. Pine Gel has a high dilution ratio so this cleaning product is very attractive for offices on a budget where costs need to be kept low. Pine Gel is one of our best sellers.


Evans Pine Gel – Deodoriser

Pine Gel has a very strong pine perfume. This product is often used as a deodoriser for places with bad odours. Many carpet cleaning companies add Pine Gel to their solution tanks to refresh the carpet. After only one wash with Pine Gel the place will smell clean and fresh. Pine Gel has multiple usages but its main job is to disinfect and deodorise.


Evans Pine Gel – Dilution

There is no cleaning product in Ireland with a higher dilution ratio than Pine Gel. For daily floor maintenance you can use a dilution ratio of 1 to 500. For general purpose cleaning or spray and wipe you should use a dilution of 1 to 200. For disinfecting dirty areas use a dilution of 1 to 50 and mix it with hot water. Do not over mix this cleaning product. Too little water and too much Pine Gel will work against you and will make any surfaces that is used on them very sticky. For daily cleaning jobs you should use a cleaning product dispenser to control the amount of cleaning agent per spray bottle.


Evans Pine Gel – Eco Friendly

Pine Gel is a neutral multipurpose cleaning product with very little impact on the environment. No special care needs to be taken when you use Pine Gel but wear gloves if you use it regularly. Most of the ingredients are natural materials.


Evans Pine Gel – Costs

5L of Pine Gel costs only 8€ plus vat. With the right dilution ratio you should be able to mix over 250 buckets of floor cleaning agents, about 4000 to 5000 spray bottles of hard surface cleaner. There is no better value cleaning product out there. Our company sells and recommends Evans Pine Gel – a top of the range product.



Evans Pine Gel – one cleaning product for all your cleaning jobs!

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