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Urinal Channel Blocks - 3KG


-detergent based blocks for use on commercial urinals

-contains strong perfume to refresh and detergent to clean

-soluble formulation to avoid drain blockage

-very long lasting and also very well priced


Channel Blocks Evans 1066 – Where to use

Just place inside the urinals and flush. It can also be used inside the toilet water tank but it needs to be fitted inside a special plastic bag. Just put 3 blocks per urinal and it should last for a few weeks under constant use. Highly recommended for public toilets or any toilets with high usage.


Channel Blocks Evans 1066 – Safety

Gloves should be worn when handling this product. Do not mix with other cleaning products. Store safely away from public access in a dry place.


Channel Blocks Evans 1066 – Recommendation

These blocks are very efficient and very long lasting. They will kill all bad odours from any type of urinal and will refresh. Channel Blocks Evans 1066 also contains cleaning detergent so besides refreshing will also deep clean the urinal. One of the most cost effective ways of keeping your urinals spotless. Channel Blocks Evans 1066 are yellow dyed.



Channel Blocks Evans 1066 – No more dirty urinals!


Evans Urinal Channel Blocks Review

Nobody wants to use a smelly toilet either at home or in an establishment. In fact, customers would flee from your workstations if your toilet is smelly. The urinals usually release a very strong uric smell that is awful. You may have tried cleaning the washroom over and over again, but the smell is still in contact because the urinals are still being used. The uric smell may even be worse in high traffic clubs and restaurant.
The introduction of channel blocks or cakes comes as a relief to many business owners. The channel blocks get rid of the bad odors without blocking the urinal channel or drainage. The first impression of a clean washroom is made by your nose. Evans Urinal Channel Blocks works towards one goal-odor elimination and leaves the restroom with a fresh scent even after usage.

Features of Evans Urinal Channel Blocks.

• It has a high impact perfume that has odor neutralizers
• It has a detergent based formulation that cleans as fragrances.
• It prevents limescale
• Its water soluble-it does not block urinal channel.
• Lasts up to a month on the urinal channel.
• pDCB free does not contain Paradichlorobenzene
• Used in commercial establishments
• Biodegradable
• Affordable
• Environmental friendly

How Evans Urinal Channel Blocks work.

The channel blocks are designed for scattering on urinal troughs or channels to eliminate bad smells.Evans Urinal Blocks are slow dissolving blocks which have a refreshing lemon fragrance and leave a long lasting action until the block is used up. The channel blocks freshen the urinals, deodorize and eliminate foul smell quickly and more efficiently.

1. Efficient
Evans Urinal Channel Blocks cleans the urinal trough and channel removing and preventing limescale. The urinal blocks also kill germs that can be transmitted by human beings, body fat and any other causes of grime on the urinal channel. Evans channel blocks get rid of the soap residues left behind by detergents and mineral deposits. When placed on the urinal drain, the Evans Urinal Channel Blocks clears the visible and invisible grime to build up.

2. Convenient and easy to use
The Evans Urinal Channel blocks are easy to use for urinal drains and urinal troughs. After carrying out your routine general cleaning of the washroom, place some the blocks on the urinal. Just a few blocks are enough to for four weeks. The blocks still maintain their effectiveness even on their last weeks on the urinal drain.

3. Sweet fragrance
Urinals can be very disgusting to users if they have bad odors. If you are using substandard urinal channel blocks, you are going to deal with uric smell ay in day out. Smelly toilets often affect the people who are working next to it Urinals in commercial places, or establishments require a strong sweet scent that will maintain its smell from morning to evening. Evans Urinal channel blocks retain its sweet smell from the day of placement to the day they are removed.

4. Sanitizer.
Urinals can cause fatal diseases if they are not given proper care. Toilets are very sensitive areas, and hygiene should always be number one. Cleaning products do their job in removing the dirt and grime but to maintain the urinals cleanliness standard is up to the channel blocks. The users are guaranteed of a clean urinal free of germs if the Evans Urinal Channel Blocks are in use.

Urinal Odors Causes and Solutions

1. Poor Cleaning
The primary reason why urinals have a bad odor is poor cleaning. Brown stains on the urinals are signs that indicate that the cleaners are not doing their job well. Use detergents and chemicals that will do a good job. Some people make spills when using the urinals, use detergents that will clear the spills efficiently.

2. Broken pipes are venting to the urinals.
If your urinals are stinky even after cleaning, you may be having broken pipes. Copper drainage pipes often leak because of the acids used to clean the urinals that cause corrosion. Call the company responsible for piping for a drainage pipe repair immediately.

3. High traffic usage
If you have a big number using the washroom at once for example tea breaks in a school establishment, then don’t be surprised if the urinals stink afterward. That is not a major problem with a few fresheners’ spray the odor will disappear.

4. Inadequate flushing
If urinals are not fitted with devices that help them to operate without water, ensure that you pour enough water on the urinal at the right times. Sensor flush is ideal for this purpose. The flush accurately flushes the urinal after every 20 minutes of usage. Flushing gets rid of odors efficiently.

5. Poor urinal pipe work.
Once in a while engineers come across weak piping configurations that are bound to break or cause problems. For example, plumbing an overflow pipe from a WC cistern into a urinal waste. The odor comes up from the waste, into the reservoir and eventually into the washroom. Seek professionals to do your plumbing work.

How to use Evans Urinal Channel Blocks

Thou using the Evans Urinal Channel is as simple as placing them on the urinal; you should maintain cleanliness first.

I. Flush the urinal and get rid of any particles or debris on the surface.
II. Squirt a cleaning detergent of your choice on the urinal.
III. Let the cleaner sit on the urinal surface to loosen all the stuck dirt for 20 minutes.
IV. Use a brush to scrub the urinal until all the grime is cleared.
V. Rinse the urinal channel with clean water.
VI. Place the Evans Urinal Channel Blocks strategically on the urinal drain.
The channel block will maintain the level of cleanliness that they found when putting on the urinal. It is vital to clean before putting the urinal channel blocks on the urinal drain. Also, do not forget to clean the surrounding surfaces of the urinal to maintain high hygiene standards.

Tips for using Evans Urinal Channel Blocks.

1. Clean the urinal using your preferred toilet cleaner to clean the washroom areas to keep the good scent from Evans Urinal Channel Blocks.
2. Wash the urinal surroundings to clear spills that can spread germs if neglected.
3. Do not pour dirty cleaning water on the urinal. The dirt may cause urinal blockage.
4. Clean the underneath of your urinal drainage on a monthly basis to clear all the clogged substances.

Safety precautions when using Evans Urinal Channel Blocks.

• Keep away from children.
• Store in a cool, dry place
• If ingested rinse the mouth with plenty of running water and visit a doctor immediately.

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