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Squeaky Clean Super Scourers


Medium abrasive heavy duty universal scourer suitable for domestic & commercial use

Sold in packs of 3 scourers, safe to use on sensitive surfaces like glass, wood & plastic

It will remove dirt with ease without the risk of scratches.

Durable, cost effective & very affordably priced

Suitable for domestic cleaning projects, commercial cleaning projects and industrial use

Highly popular with the catering industry, house cleaning industry and domestic cleaning

Innovative technology, scratch free system, suitable to use on non stick pans and pots

Rewashable, it will not lose its abrasion even after months of use. Chemical resistant


Squeaky Clean Super Scourers - Where to use


Sometimes removing deeply impregnated dirt from sensitive surfaces can be a nightmare. The highly effective stainless steel scourers could easily remove the stain but it could also scratch the surface while the classic soft sponge might not be rough enough. Well, now we have a solution. The highly effective Squeaky Clean Super Scourers. This amazing semi aggressive scourer will safely remove all types of impregnated dirt, grime, food residue, carbon burns, wine stains, etc, from all types of surfaces. The scourer will break the dirt apart and it will facilitate the full removal of the dirt without scratching the surface. Easy to use, it provides results instantly and it will last for very long periods of time.


Squeaky Clean Super Scourers - How to use


You can use it on its own or you can use it in conjunction with a cleaning product. Pre-spray the area well and make sure that you use the Squeaky Clean Super Scourers on wet only. Allow direct contact between the chemical and the surface for about 30 seconds and then start scrubbing the area in circular motions with the Squeaky Clean Super Scourers. Repeat the operation if the results are not 100% satisfactory after one scrubbing job. The scourer will not be affected by harsh chemicals, hot water or heavy duty intense use. The ideal scourer for scrubbing non-stick pans & pots, glassware, ceramic & porcelain surfaces, shower glass, etc.


Try it today and be ready to be amazed. Use one of the most innovative and highly efficient scourers available right now. Achieve outstanding results hassle free


Squeaky Clean Super Scourers

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