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Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM

  • Top quality diamond polishing pads suitable for grinding, polishing & restoring gloss

  • Manufactured from premium quality diamond particles known to be very long lasting

  • Suitable for scratch removal, stain removal, rough patch removal and polishing

  • The lower grit pads should be used on “wet” surfaces while the fine grit ones, on dry

  • Can be used to restore marble, terrazzo, travertine, granite, limestone, quartz, etc

  • Highly recommended for professional marble restoration and maintenance jobs

  • 304 MM diameter, the grit is clearly marked on the pad, unaffected by harsh chemicals

  • Its high density of diamond particles makes it incredibly easy to remove scratches

  • Available in 600 grit, 800 grit, 1800 grit, 3500 grit and “Lux” pad for all maintenance jobs

  • It enables the users to work faster, cheaper and use less effort while polishing marble

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM - Why use it

Polishing natural stone floors can be a nightmare if the pads used are not good quality. A low cost diamond floor pad could require up to 20 go's over an area to achieve any noticeable results. The new Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM will get you results within 2-4 go`s. A good quality diamond pad like this will enable the user to work faster, work less and achieve spectacular results hassle free. Diafil pads are not cheap, but the results achieved while used and the durability of these pads makes them highly cost effective. Even if you are using other brands of diamond polishing pads now, you should try the new Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM. These pads are a gold mine for the professional marble polishing companies.

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM - Where to use

Use the new Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM to remove scratches, dull patches, stains & to restore gloss on pretty much all natural stones that can be polished or treated with a diamond pad. The pads are mostly used for polishing marble floors & worktops, travertine floors, terrazzo floors, limestone floors, quartz floors and many other types of natural stone floors. Can be used for indoor and outdoor natural stone polishing projects. The new Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM are highly recommended for the professional floor cleaning and polishing industry but the domestic market can use it successfully as well. A fine quality diamond polishing pad capable of dealing with all kinds of natural stone maintenance and restoration projects.

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM - How to use

Selecting the most appropriate pad for your particular requirements is essential. A rough and low grit diamond pad can remove your sealer / gloss instantly while a fine quality low grit diamond pad will prove useless for removing scratches on natural stone surfaces. So the first step should be assessing the job requirements and selecting the suitable pad.

Grit 600 - Heavy duty grinding and scratch removal. Dull patch removal as well. Wet use

Grit 800 - Heavy duty dull patch removal and surface preparation. Wet use

Grit 1800 - Fine quality gloss restorer and light polishing pad. Wet & dry use

Grit 3500 - Very fine grit suitable for high speed polishing and maintenance. Wet & dry use

Lux - daily maintenance of highly polished areas. Dry use only

While grinding the floor with a low speed floor pad, you should make sure that the surface is always wet. Once in a while extract the residue and wash the floor. Do not skip grits. If you plan to start with grit 600, do not move straight to 3500 grit after it. Move up in grits. 600, 800, 1800 and 3500. The first 2 pads are highly aggressive so are likely to create some deep scratches on the surface of the stone. Those scratches can be leveled up with finest grit pads. It is like sanding a surface. The 3500 & the lux pad can be used with high speed floor polishers for maintaining and restoring gloss. The 600 and 800 grit should be used with low speed floor buffers. Try to use a heavy floor buffer to make sure that you achieve the maximum results possible. 

Diafil Abralux Diamond Polishing Pads 304 MM

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