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Amtico Floor Stripper

-low odour and low fumes floor stripper

-removes up to 3 coats of polish at once

-removes most types of floor polishes

-can be used as an unsealed floor cleaner

-suitable for commercial and domestic use



Amtico Floor Stripper – Where to use

Amtico stripper was designed specially for removal of amtico dressing from amtico floors. It can be used as a floor stripper for many other types of floors that are polished or sealed with water based floor polishes.


Amtico Floor Stripper – How to use

If your floor was sealed with an amtico dressing or any other type of water based floor polish you can use an amtico stripper to remove it. By using a good brand of floor stripper you know that your floor will not be exposed to unnecessary risk of being damaged. Amtico stripper was designed by Amtico brand to safely remove all types of water based sealants.


Mix up 1 to 10 parts – 1 part of amtico stripper to 10 parts of warm water. Apply generously with a cotton mop all over the floor surface. Avoid touching painted surfaces with amtico stripper. Wait for about 3 minutes and then agitate with a low speed floor machine and a blue green floor pad or a semi hard brush. Depending on how many coats of floor polish were on the floor, you can remove all the floor polish in one go or you might have to repeat the operation. When the floor is clean and matte you will know that you have removed all the floor polish.


 Amtico Floor Stripper – Don’t s :

-          Do not allow amtico stripper to dry on your floor

-          Do not mix up amtico stripper with other floor stripper

-          Do not use amtico stripper without gloves

-          Do not use amtico stripper as a floor cleaner on sealed floors

-          Do not use the same floor pads for stripping & polishing



Amtico Floor Stripper – Store safe:

Amtico stripper can burn your skin, can blind you and it can poison you if used and stored incorrectly. Store it safely in a cool place. Make sure you put the lid on securely after you are finished and make sure that there are no leaks from the bottle.

Amtico stripper is the best option for stripping amtico floors. It will remove the floor polish with ease and it will reduce the time needed to strip floors. Amtico stripper is highly recommended by all amtico floor owners.


Amtico Floor Stripper – Strip your floors safely!

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