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-domestic and commercial amtico floor maintainer

-suitable to use on polished and un-polished amtico

-highly concentrated neutral amtico floor maintainer

-to be used with all types of standard mopping systems

-it will remove dirt instant & it will enhance the finish

-premium cost effective neutral floor cleaner & maintainer

Retain Your Floor's Elegance With The Amtico Floor Maintainer 5L

Amtico flooring is renowned for its visual appeal. The luxury vinyl tiles bring out the look of the natural materials like wood, embossed or textured surface stone, while being able to tolerate conditions that they wouldn`t. The wide array of patterns and styles enable you to find the setup that suits the decor needs of your residential or commercial establishment. What`s more, it`s typically thicker than the traditional vinyl, with the treated surface improving its scuff and stain resistance. The additional thickness also enhances the comfort underfoot, plus attributes such as heat insulation. It's also resistant to water damage, enabling your installation to last for long. However, this does not mean that the floor is left unattended to. Everyday dirt and grime, residue and spills, need to be got rid of to retain the floor's appeal. That's a job for the Amtico Floor Maintainer 5L.

Benefits Of Investing In The Amtico Floor Maintainer 5L
It has been formulated for the regular cleaning of the floor, especially when dealing with those marks that remain behind after the sweeping has been carried out. You get to keep your floor looking great, thus preserving the ambience that you had worked so hard to set up. The Amtico Floor Maintainer 5L is a concentrated cleaner, giving you extended usage out of every unit purchased. Each Amtico Floor Maintainer 5L can cover about 1250 m² of flooring by mopping. In addition, it comes with a pocket-friendly price tag, enabling you to meet your LVT flooring maintenance needs without straining your budget.

Using The Amtico Floor Maintainer 5L
The application is simple and straightforward, and uses the mopping approach, such as with the conventional string mop and standard wringer bucket. A double bucket system can also be used, spray cleaning or the scrubber drying technique. Follow these steps:

1. Start by preparing the solution you`ll use, by diluting the Amtico Floor Maintainer 5L. The ratio used depends on the level of soiling and the cleaning approach used. For the standard mopping and scrubber drying, a 50:1 ratio is employed, where 100ml of product is used for every 5L of water. In case you're using the spray-cleaning approach, 1 capful of product is mixed with 500ml of water.

2. Dampen the mop and proceed to apply the solution onto the floor. For the stubborn scuffs and marks, you can gently rub them off using a nylon or other non-abrasive pad.

3. Use the "S Shape" when mopping, working your way from the furthest point in the room heading towards the exit. Rinse and wring your mop as needed
4. Allow the floor to dry.

5. Clean the equipment used after you`re done.

The LVT flooring in itself is a low maintenance material. Remember to carry out the regular sweeping with a soft brush and dust mopping. Ideally, the damp mopping with the Amtico Floor Maintainer 5L should be carried out weekly. However, in high traffic establishments, where the rate of grime build-up is higher, the frequency of the cleaning can be increased. That way, you get to protect the floor and keep it sparkling all through.

Amtico Maintainer 5L

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