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-heavy duty amtico floor dressing remover

-it will remove up to 3 coats of polish at once

-to be diluted before use : around 1 to 10

-it will remove all types of water based sealant

-please wear hand and eye protection

Amtico Stripper 5L Review

Amtico flooring is used across the scope, blending into formal and contemporary spaces, from office buildings and entertainment centres, education institutions and health venues, all through to the domestic settings. Todays luxury vinyl flooring technology makes numerous types of textures, patterns and styles possible, enabling you to get the installation that blends with your taste. Whether you want a distressed hardwood plank feel, a medieval touch that takes you back in time, or even a textured stone tile appearance, there is an option for you. What's more, the Amtico LVTs can be installed on all building levels, including the basement, and the lightweight nature makes the installation a breeze. The soft material also enables the flooring to mould to the uneven subfloor edge, which can even be improved by just being attentive to detail. Then there's the comfort underfoot compared to other flooring choices, and the flooring also helps in dampening sound. The dimensional stability compared to natural materials like wood flooring also means that the LVT does not change with fluctuations in environmental conditions, so you won`t have to worry about winter expansions or shrinkage during the summer. Keeping your floors functionality at its optimal, and retaining its aesthetic appeal, requires regular care measures to be carried out. This includes getting rid of the ingrained soiling that builds up over time. When you want to give your LVT a deep clean and restore its beauty, turn to the Amtico Stripper 5L.

What You Get From The Amtico Stripper 5L
This floor care stripper allows you to breathe new life into your installation. By enabling you to remove previous layers of dressing that had been applied, you get to revitalise the flooring with new coats of application, keeping your flooring in superb condition. The Amtico Stripper 5L also comes in handy when dealing with the heavy soiling that`s adhered to the LVT floors. It will strip away the gunk that's ingrained to the floor during the deep cleaning operations. There are also scenarios like immediately after installation of the Amtico floor, where there could be some adhesive residue left behind. These traces of adhesives can be easily removed with the Amtico Stripper. A concentrated product, only a little amount is needed for each application. Thus, each purchase gets to take you for the long haul, being used for multiple floor restoration projects. The product also has a wide coverage rate, with each Amtico Stripper 5L unit being capable of being used on 250m² of flooring. The icing on the cake is its affordable pricing, which enables you to add it to your buildings cleaning and maintenance program without causing budgetary upheavals.

How To Use The Amtico Stripper 5L
1. The first step is preparing the solution you'll use. Dilute the product with hot water, using a 10:1 ratio. For instance, mix 100ml of the Amtico Stripper with 1L of the hot water.
2. Apply it onto the affected area. Don't mince the solution- apply it generously, then agitate it using a mop or a low-speed rotary machine.
3. Allow 10-15 minutes of dwelling time.
4. Mop up the residue, or use a wet vacuum. Note that it is critical that you shouldn`t let the solution to dry up on the floor.
5. Rinse the floor at least two times using clean water.
6. Proceed to apply the Amtico Dressing.

Amtico Stripper 5L

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