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ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Gloves | Clear

  • Brand: ASAP Gloves
  • Product Code: 40122
  • Availability: 83

ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Glove

  • A premium quality latex free and powder free vinyl glove from ASAP

  • It protects the wearer against cross contamination and skin damage

  • 240 mm length, 0.06 palm and 0.05 finger thickness, S, M , L and XL

  • Clear color, very stretchable and suitable for medium / heavy duty use

  • Sold in boxes of 100 gloves, 4.0 G in weight, superior chemical resistance

  • Highly popular with the cleaning industry, vegetable handling & others

  • Much better quality than similar vinyl gloves from other similar brands

  • Suitable for all kinds of residential, commercial and light industrial use

ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Glove - Why use it

For all day to day cleaning projects where there is no need to use a super heavy duty latex or nitrile glove, you should be using the new ASAP VInyl Powder Free Disposable Glove. These gloves are about 50% cheaper than nitrile and latex gloves and it does pretty much the same job assuming that you are looking for a quality disposable glove. The new ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Glove is a superior quality vinyl glove suitable for residential, commercial & light industrial use. 

ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Glove - Where to use

This outstanding quality vinyl glove is compatible with all industries. It can be used for day to day cleaning projects, food handling, painting, dusting, etc. Manufactured from a thick layer of vinyl, the new ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Glove will last for very long periods of time without breaking. Sold in packs of 100 gloves per box, 4 g in weight and it has a very stretchable top. While the new ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Glove can be used for pretty much all types of projects where some light hand protection is required, we recommend it for indoor use only. 

ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Glove - How to use

As the name of the gloves says, this is a disposable glove. It was designed for single use. Just pull out a pair of gloves through the top hole, put it on, use it for whatever type of project you might need and dispose of it off. These gloves cannot be reused and they shouldn't be reused. Only use the new ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Glove for handling food, vegetables, light cleaning projects, etc. For heavy duty cleaning projects where harsh chemicals are used, you should consider using a latex or nitrile glove. 

If you are in the market for a superior vinyl glove for your day to day business or if you are planning to use a vinyl glove for all types of residential usage, then you should definitely consider the new ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Glove.

ASAP Vinyl Powder Free Disposable Glove

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