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Automatic Soap/Gel Dispenser

  • Sensor operated automatic soap or gel dispenser

  • Suitable for shops, schools, pubs, restaurants, GYMs

  • Battery operated, 700 ML, Size: 16.5 x 11 x 9.5 cm

  • Can be fitted with screws to walls, panels, doors, etc

  • Manufactured from heavy duty shock resistant plastic

  • Releases small amounts of gel or hand soap at once

  • The most cost effective way of disinfecting your hands

  • Prevents cross contamination from hand contact

Automatic Soap/Gel Dispenser - Where to use

A professional hand gel/soap dispenser. Manufactured from heavy duty shock resistant plastic. It can easily be fitted to any flat surface. The ideal soap/gel dispenser for the commercial market. The sensor will activate the pump and very small amounts of soap/gel will be released at once. The perfect soap/gel dispenser for busy shops, restaurants, pubs, GYMs, public buildings, etc. Because it is sensor operated users do not have the touch the dispenser or press a pump button to release the soap/gel so it prevents cross contamination from peoples' hands. It can also be used by the domestic market.

Automatic Soap/Gel Dispenser - How to use

The top of the dispenser opens up and gel or soap can be used to fill the dispenser. 700 ml of gel will last for a very long period of time. The soap/gel dispenser can be installed at main entrances, in the toilets or anywhere with high footfall. 

Automatic Soap/Gel Dispenser - Cost effective

By using an Automatic Soap/Gel Dispenser you avoid waste, you save yourself money and you prevent cross contamination. A sensor operated soap/gel dispenser makes so much sense. It prevents overuse, wastage and leaks.

Try our new amazing Automatic Soap/Gel Dispenser. You will save money and you will also help stop the spread of viruses.

Automatic Soap/Gel Dispenser

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