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Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class

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€3.68 Ex Tax: €2.99

-available in rolls of 25 bags or boxes or 200 bags

-suitable for commercial & domestic waste waste

-this economy black bag is 100% biodegradable

-22 micron thickness & 26 inch by 44 inch capacity

-very affordable, it can be reused & it is eco friendly


Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class

Waste is bountiful- and not in a good way. All around the world it piles up on a daily basis. Did you know that over 2.12 billion tonnes of waste are produced annually? In the UK alone, the amount of trash that is generated could fill Lake Windermere in just about 8 months. Most of the things that are purchased wind up in the trash after some time. And the number of consumers is growing with every second. In fact, it is estimated that there will be 3.2 billion consumers -persons directly purchasing the goods- around the world by 2020. All

the waste they generate has to go somewhere. Proper waste disposal is vital to avert an environmental and health crisis. Everything from contaminants that can lead to a disease outbreaks in your home or business premises, those sharp objects in the trash that can cause injuries especially to the kids who enjoy playing around the yard, to impacts on the water bodies and natural habitats for animals and plants, there's a lot on the line. Hence, you don’t want trash getting spread all over the premises. It's also an eyesore and turn off. These

are not the conditions you want to live or work in. Bins come in to provide temporary holding facilities to handle the waste before collection day. That way you can be able to have a sanitary and safe environment. The effectiveness with which they carry out their task is increased with the Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class.

The gunk is sticky and slimy- especially when there is organic matter involved. You don’t

I want it to end up sticking to the walls of the bin. It will need to be washed thoroughly each time it is emptied, increasing your workload. But that's not all. Without being held together by bin liners, the content of the trash can easily be spread into the environment- whether it’s by scavengers snooping around attracted by the odour of the material, or it is during the garbage collection day, when in the process of lifting the bin it accidentally gets opened, sending the content all over. When it comes to the collection itself, hauling around the entire bin to dispose of the contents takes time and effort- not to mention the risks involved. You don’t want the garbage management personnel to have to deal with this juggling at each time it comes to emptying your bin. It’s not just about their convenience. Your property is also on the line. You don’t want the liquid waste oozing out of the bin and onto your floor. First, it’s just unsightly. It will come with odours that will reek up the place. You don’t want such conditions for your home or business premises. Things can be prevented from taking that route by getting Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class.

Benefits Of The Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class

1. High carrying capacity

The 26 x 44 Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class ensure you have the space needed to hold in the waste generated in your domestic or commercial environment. The 22 micron thickness gives them a high density, ensuring that they can meet the waste management requirements without tearing. In addition, each refuse bag holds in the odours, preventing them from permeating through the establishment, thus keeping off scavengers and flies, and protecting the persons in the premises.

2. Black

The Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class also make the waste management

a tidy process. You get to spare the persons in your premises from the unsightly contents of the trash. After all, the gunk, oozing liquids and decomposing organic matter is not something people will be looking forward to seeing. This is also beneficial in preventing the scavenging animals, from the racoons, to the mice and stray dogs, from being attracted to the contents of the bin.

3. Safe for Mother Nature

The onus is upon us to protect the environment. Each of us has a role in play in ensuring that future generations inherit a planet that will sustain them and enable them to thrive. This is in all aspects of our lives, all through to how waste from your establishment is got rid of. For governments and institutions around the world, environmental watchdogs and concerned citizens, waste is a contentious issue. It’s literally choking up the earth. This can easily be observed in landfills. Here, trucks are constantly taking waste from rural, urban and industrial settings and dumping it there. As the waste piles up, gases like methane, carbon dioxide and even hydrogen sulphide are produced. Some are greenhouse gases, others are the irritants behind the reason why barely anyone wants to live near the dumpsites. The plastic bags on

the other hand, taking millennia to break down are a threat to the soil and water bodies, plus birds like storks and other animals visiting the sites to look for food. This has led to the increased need for putting in place waste management programs that are safe for Mother Nature. The Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class have been structured to fit the bill. They are 100% biodegradable. Once disposed of, whether it’s in landfills or you were preparing compost for your gardening, the bags are broken down by bacteria and other microorganisms, releasing the contents of the waste back into the environment. This is particularly beneficial when it's organic matter that gets to enrich the soil around it. You won’t have to worry about the Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class choking up landfills and increasing your carbon footprint- they do the exact opposite, enabling you to take up your part in the fight to protect the planet.

4. Pocket friendly

The Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class are beneficial to your budget in various ways. For starters, they come with an attractive price tag. The affordability enables you to cut on the costs of your establishment's waste management program right from the moment you make the purchase. At 26 x 44, a lot of waste can be held before it needs to be emptied, which further enables you to make savings since each bag gets to serve you or longer. The Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class come in rolls and boxes of 200, enabling each purchase that you make to take you for the long haul in your residential or commercial environment.

Biodegradable Black Refuse Bags - Economy Class

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