Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range - 22 Micron - 26" x 44"

Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range - 22 Micron - 26" x 44"

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Product Description

-some of the most affordable and durable clear refuse sacks

-suitable for commercial and domestic waste collection

-this bag it will hold up to 30 kg of wet and dry general waste

-available in rolls of 25 bags per roll or boxes of 200 bags

-this type of bag is very popular with the food industry


A Look At The Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag


Economy RangeLoads of waste are generated around the world on a daily basis- from by-products of domestic consumption to commercial waste from manufacturing and industrial processes, wholesale and retail trading, accommodation services, the health sector, educational institutions to those concerts and entertainment events that are organised regularly. In our homes, it is estimated that there are over 50 tonnes that are discarded every second. If it was being loaded into ships, every 2 hours there would be enough to fill the largest container ship in the world to the brim. It's a fact of life, one that we have to live and work with on a daily basis. Efficient waste management is vital so that it doesn’t overrun residential and commercial environments. With risks ranging from disease outbreaks due to the spread of contaminants, to issues like fire hazards cropping up, the trash has to be properly disposed of to avoid trip to hospitals, and the thousands in losses to property damage. Bins come in to provide temporary storage for the trash before it’s collected and transported off to the dumpsites, taken for recycling, or even composted. You want to ensure that the garbage bins that you have invested in for your establishment last for the long haul.


You also want the waste disposal process to be carried out efficiently. That's where the Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range comes in.As the organic matte such as food stuff in the trash begins decomposing, the issue of odours crops up. You don’t want pungent smells permeating through your home or working space. Not only that, but the odours can attract bugs and insects like flies. You don’t want them buzzing around your family or disturbing customers who have come to your business premises to seek your products and services. Scavengers coming in to look for quick snacks can also redistribute the gunk all over your yard, making waste of the efforts you had put into sprucing it up and make it attractive. There’s also the cleanliness of the bin to factor in. Without a trash bag, the gunk will stick to the walls, edges and floor of the bin. First, this makes emptying it difficult since some of the grime will stick behind.


Secondly, since you can’t let it remain like this, you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning. This is an inconvenience that will be faced each time the garbage is being collected. The crew itself will also have a rough time. For starters, hauling the entire bin off to the truck increases their workload. They also have to go about the task with more caution since the chances of the bin opening up while it is being lifted and spilling the contents all out on your property are high. Puncture wounds from sharp items in the trash can also result. You don’t want to force them to endure this whenever they come to pick the trash from your establishment. Avoid the fuss by investing in the Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range.


Benefits Of The Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range

1. Superior strengthThe Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range is designed to handle the waste disposal needs in domestic and commercial premises alike. You get to take out the trash without worrying about the bag ripping open and making a mess.This also makes things easier for the garbage collection crew as they go about their tasks. It has the carrying capacity to take up everything from the crisp packets, biscuit wrappers and wrapping paper, glass bottles and jars, clothes and shoes that you want to get rid of, hard plastic items like toys, paper products and plastic items to be recycled, all through to paint tins, nappies, and even garden waste like grass cutting and weeds.


2. ClearWaste separation is a key part of the disposal process. This is where the property owner decides how the organic and inorganic content will be disposed of. It typically includes arrangements made by the local authorities and garbage collection crew. They want to have the correct items that will be sent to the landfills, incinerators and those for the compost. The Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range blends right into the process. Its transparent nature enables persons to see right through into it, meaning they will know the specific contents to put in the bin.This removes confusion and increases efficiency. Usually the items that are intended for the clear bin liners are those that are to be recycled such as aerosol cans, plastics - ranging from bottles, carrier bags, to food trays, film and wrappers, plus margarine tubs and yoghurt pots, food and drink cartons like tetra packs , cardboard packaging like the cereal boxes, and even paper products such as catalogues and brochures, telephone directories and yellow pages, magazines and newspapers, junk mail, envelopes, plus that office paper that sent through the shredder.


3. 100% biodegradableThe waste that is continuously pulling up in landfills is a source of concern the world over. Every year, a whopping 2.12 billion tonnes of waste is generated. Some end up in the dumpsites and others in incinerators, both of which pose a probe for Mother Nature. From the greenhouse gases being produced, to the pollution of water bodies, the soil, and the effect on wildlife, there's plenty of things at risk. For instance, the huge loads of trash in landfills makes oxygen a rare commodity around the trash that gets covered by more and more layers. Microorganisms result in anaerobic decomposition to break down the material, resulting in gases like methane being produced. Compared to carbon dioxide, methane is more potent. Then there are those animals that come to feed on the trash in the sites, including birds like storks. Their lives are at risk whenever they consume plastic bags. Cases of hoking are common. You want to be able to get rid of the waste that is produced in your establishment without putting the fate of future generations at risk. The Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range enables you to do so. 100% biodegradable, it will have totally been broken down by bacteria and other microorganisms, contributing to the reduction in the amount of waste in the landfills. This also makes it beneficial for the soil, as it will be able to release the nutrients from the organic matter in the trash back to the environment. Hence you get to reduce your carbon footprint as you take out the trash.


 AffordableThe Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range comes at a pocket friendly price- in fact, cheaper than similar bags in its production line. It does this without compromising on the quality that you expected. Moreover, the strong nature means that double-bagging of the trash won’t be necessary, ensuring that every Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag - Economy Range gets to serve you fully.


A Look At The Biodegradable Clear Refuse Bag

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