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Biodegradable Green Compactor Refuse Bags

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-green biodegradable compactor bags 20 micron

-suitable for general recycling & waste collection

-our compactor green bags are 100% biodegradable

-our bags are suitable for commercial and domestic use

-28 x 38 x 40 - will fit most types of recycling bins 



Biodegradable Green Compactor Refuse Bags Review

Waste is one of life's constants. Wherever there are human activities, it will be generated. A

staggering 2.12 billion tonnes of waste is dumped every year. To put that into perspective: if all of it were loaded into trucks and lined up, they would go around the planet 24 times. Whether it’s from your cooking activities at home, you're simply cleaning out your residence, you have a busy commercial establishment, or you’re undertaking a major renovation project, the waste should be properly handled to ensure both your health and that of the environment. You don’t want to come home to a yard covered in paper bags or carry out your business activities in an environment with all kinds of trash sprawled over the working space. Not only is it unsightly, but environmental pollutants can cause loads of damage. Take for instance the plastics. They are literal choking hazards, especially when consumed by animals roaming about, all through to those in lakes. There are also those chemicals that end up leaching to the ground water underneath, making their way to water streams and causing pollution in rivers and lakes. Leftover cleaning supplies that end up in the water bodies disrupt the natural habitat, making the water unsafe for both plants and animals. You also don’t want your kids playing around to come into contact with sharp glass pieces and

items like rusty metals that could land them in hospital. When it comes to waste management, bins enable you to carry it out effectively They hold the trash generated in your establishment, waiting it to be collected and carted off to the disposal centres by the garbage collection crew. To increase the efficiency of the process, incorporate the Biodegradable Green Compactor Refuse Bags.

The trash is messy. You don’t want gunk sticking to the walls of the bin. That just means

more cleaning will need to be done each time the garbage gets collected. It’s not just a nuisance. There is the soiling that is actually corrosive, and ends up staining the insides of the bin. Some will eat right through the material. This will weaken the structural integrity of the bin. As bacteria carry out their task of decomposing the organic matter in the trash, acids and heat are produced. Since the bin is in constant use, the prolonged exposure to these can

lead to it getting discoloured. Then there's the waste that is acidic by nature, like that residue in the cleaning solutions that remained in the bottles that were tossed into the bin. It can seep out and come into contact with the bin's interior surfaces. What of the inconvenience during the collection days? Emptying the bin becomes hectic without a bin bag in place- from

transporting it to the collection truck, to getting those scraps that have got attached to the edges and corners of the bin. The collection crew themselves are also at risk, in case there are sharp objects in the trash. You don’t want them to get exposed to those pieces that will rupture the skin and cause infection. You also want the garbage to be disposed of without much hustle. This can be achieved by using the Biodegradable Green Compactor Refuse Bags.

Benefits Of The Biodegradable Green Compactor Refuse Bags

1. Large holding capacity

At 20" x 38" x 40", the Biodegradable Green Compactor Refuse Bags can handle the waste generate in homes all through to business remises. Its 20 micron thickness enables it to hold heavy loads. This is particularly beneficial considering the kinds of loads it is intended to carry due to the green colour. This brings forth the aspect of segregating waste to enable orderly collection and proper disposal. Usually, the Biodegradable Green Compactor Refuse Bags are used for the disposal of flowers, garden weeds, plants and their leaves, shrub pruning and hedge trimmings, grass cuttings and also twigs and small branches.

2. 100% biodegradable

With every passing day, there is more and more emphasis on using waste management processes that are safe for the environment. Future generations are depending on us today

to make appropriate decisions and take the necessary steps to protect Mother Nature and pass down to them a planet that can support and sustain them. There are loads of trash that is ending up in landfills. Here, various problems crop up. Take for instance the greenhouse gases that are generated. Due to the amounts of waste building up, the organic waste gets compacted and covered. Over time, the amount of oxygen available for regular decomposition is reduced, and the material gets broken down anaerobically. This eventually releases methane, which is about 25 times more potent compared to carbon dioxide. That has a direct implication to global warming and climatic change- not to mention that it’s high flammable and the more it concentration builds up, the greater the hazard. There's also the

issue of items like plastic bags adding to the waste, since they take ages to be broken down. This further compounds the environmental effects, impacting the soil, all through to the wildlife in the area that may end up consuming it. You want to be able to get rid of the trash generated in your establishment without putting the environment in danger. The Biodegradable Green Compactor Refuse Bags enable you to do so. They are completely broken down naturally when disposed of, hence you won’t have to worry about them clogging up the landfills. What’s more, this means that you can use them for composting, as they will restore the nutrients in the trash back to the soil over time, enhancing its richness

and boosting your gardening activities.

3. Affordable

The Biodegradable Green Compactor Refuse Bags come at pocket friendly prices. This

enables you to effectively manage the waste generated in your establishment without straining your budget. In addition, they comes in rolls of 25, meaning that each purchase gets to serve you for the long haul. Moreover, since they are large, each single one of the Biodegradable Green Compactor Refuse Bags holds in loads of waste, thus reducing the number of times the bin will need to be emptied, enabling you to make more savings in the long run.



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