Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron

Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron

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Product Description

 -biodegradable green refuse bags on roll

-sold in rolls of 25 bags or in boxes of 200

-suitable for general waste and recycling

- size 26 x 44,  made from 22 micron plastic

-suitable for domestic & commercial waste

-it will hold with ease over 7 kg of waste 


A Look At The Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron

Waste comes from all over- those emails that you printed and shredded up, envelopes and magazine cut-outs in homes and office spaces alike, those plastic cups left lying around during events or coffee breaks at work, milk jiggers, paper plates, sugar sachets, all through to the leftover food itself- whether it’s from the lunch you brought over from home or those snack bars that you were unable to finish. The waste generated in commercial establishments is staggering. For instance, there are over 80 million tonnes of printing and writing paper discarded in the UK every year. Food waste accounts for over 20% of total waste generated, and is the largest single proportion of garbage collected. You want an efficient way to manage the trash building up in your enterprise- be it an office building, retail store, mall, or even art gallery. The more people there are trooping around your premises, the more the amount of waste that will be generated. You don’t want customers walking into your establishment getting grossed out by the gunk left strewn all over, or your employees complaining of deplorable working conditions. You want a system that can enable you to eliminate the trash, while saving your costs. That's a job for the Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 20 Micron.


It's not just about tossing the trash into the bin. What about the bin itself? You don't want it getting layers of gunk on its inner surfaces, or liquid waste oozing out of it. You don’t want to be lifting the trash from the bin once it’s full, only for the refuse bag to rip and pour its contents into the bin. You want a product that can handle the demands of your establishment. This includes the quantity and weight of the waste generated. You also want to protect the bin itself, and the garbage collection crew. Some of the items tossed into the trash can be corrosive, and you don’t want the structural integrity of the bin being affected. The Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 20 Micron came in to prevent that from happening. When the garbage collection crew comes over to pick the trash, they will also appreciate it. This is because they make the process easier and also prevent the items within from spilling all over the floor or curb of your establishment.


5 Reasons To Invest In The Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron

1. Plenty of room 

The 26 x 44 Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron will hold the volumes of waste being generated in your enterprise. They have been designed to cater to the high demand of space for tossing trash into, thus providing you with the peace of mind needed to run your enterprise. You can count on the Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22Micron to handle different kinds of material, from packaging, aluminium foils and containers, beverage cans, food scraps, to the numerous kinds of paper waste like junk mail, copier paper, school hand-outs, tickets, catalogues, plus cardboards and those brochures after an event.


2. Designed to take on the load 

At 22 micron thick and having a high density, you can toss up to 7kg of garbage in the bags without worrying about them tearing. This makes the Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron especially suitable for the requirements of handling light commercial waste.


3. Safe for Mother Nature 

Today, more than ever, there is a greater push for individuals, companies and institutions to adopt green practices. After all, the onus is on us to pass down a habitable and healthy planet to future generations. Everyone is working to preserve natural resources and reduce global warming. This is in all sectors, from using renewable energy to power vehicles, industries and entire countries, watching what you buy reusing products, all through to how waste is managed. The impact garbage has on the environment is phenomenal. Much of the waste ends up in landfills. Here it leads to damage to ecosystems, pollution of the soil and water sources, and also increasing the amount of methane (a greenhouse gas) in the atmosphere. This nudges the temperatures a notch higher, increasing global warming effects. There’s also the trash that gets burned. This burning process is the world's largest source of dioxins, which are highly toxic chemicals. The amount of waste generated is on an upward trajectory. A couple of years ago in 2010, it was 3 million tonnes a day, and by 2025 it will have soared to 60 million per day. In cities alone, the amount of garbage produced can line 5000 km of garbage trucks daily. The Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 20 Micron enables you to take up your role in reducing these numbers. It is completely biodegradable, and will be broken down by bacteria and other microorganisms in the soil. The entire bags will have been degraded in 2 years. You won’t have to worry about them choking up the landfills. In this way, the Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 20 Micron enables you to cut down your carbon footprint, and help preserve this fragile blue planet.


4. Smooth on the eyes 

Even aesthetics count. Truth be told, no one really wants to see what goes into the trash. It's not a sight you want greeting your customers when they walk into your establishment. The Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron enables you to avert the problem. They protect the privacy of the person tossing the garbage into the trash, and also assist in keeping out prying eyes. In addition, the Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 20 Micron look neat and clean in the bins, bringing a sense of order to the otherwise unsightly trash.


5. Easy on your budget 

The Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron enables you to make savings through different ways. Straight from the onset, they are affordable. In addition, you get 25 sacks per roll with each case having 8 rolls. That makes for an economical purchase, since each case gets to serve you for longer. The durable nature of the Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 20 Micron means that you won’t keep double bagging them, hence giving you more bang for your buck.


DOs And DON'Ts Of The Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron

· DO take out the trash once the bin is full. 

· DO double bag any liquid waste being put into the Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron. 

· DON'T put sharp items like needles into the Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron before wrapping them in paper, or putting them in a box, to prevent them puncturing the bag.


Biodegradable Green Refuse Bags 22 Micron

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