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Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags 26" x 44" - 25 Bags Roll

  • Product Code: PISCES
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-quality biodegradable heavy duty refuse bags

-one of the strongest refuse bags available

-suitable for domestic and commercial use

-it wil hold up to 25 kilos of general waste

-it comes in rolls of 20 or boxes of 200 bags


Size : 26" x 44"


Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags

We are selling some of the strongest biodegradable black bags available in Ireland. Those bags are designed for medium to heavy duty use and it can be used in the building industry. Our black bags will hold up to 25 kg.  Our biodegradable black bags are the beste eco solution for your waste. Unlike the classic plastic black bags, our biodegradable black bags have a very limited time in the ground if buried.


Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags

Our biodegradable black bags cost more or less like any other types of plastic bags but it will have way less impact on the environment. Those heavy duty black bags are ideal for schools, pubs, restaurants, public buildings, gyms,offices, etc. We can deliver any quantities anywhere in Ireland. If you need more than 5 boxes of bags (over 1000 bags), please give us a call to find out about our bulk prices.


Biodegradable Heavy Duty Black Bags



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