Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags On Roll x 25 Bags

Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags On Roll x 25 Bags

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Product Description

 -very thick and very strong biodegradable heavy duty clear refuse bags

-highly recommended for the food industry, hotel industry and recycling

-our heavy duty clear bags are made from 100% biodegradable plastic

-suitable for commercial and domestic waste collection & recycling jobs

-our biodegradable bags can be ordered in boxes of 200 or rolls of 25 bgs

-for bulk orders please contact our office to provide you with better prices


A Look At The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags

Does your business premises get lots of trash, and you are looking for an efficient way to get rid of it? Commercial establishments produce all kinds of waste due to the high human traffic- from packaging material, cleaning products, clothing, all through to food leftovers- it all must be disposed of appropriately. The garbage is a pest magnet. Within hours the place can be crawling with different kinds of insects and rodents looking to grab a quick bite. That’s a health hazard. Don’t forget the awful odour that results from the waste, and ends up permeating through the premises. Hence it is crucial to have an intricate waste management system in place- and that's why bins are vital. However, for them to be effective, they need to be lined with bags. Otherwise you'd have to spend more time and resources getting the bin cleaned up, due to the grime that sticks to its surfaces and edges. There's also the risk of leaks from the bin directly into the immediate vicinity. You also don’t want to discolour the waste receptacle due to the reagents and corrosive material that may be in the waste. You can circumvent all this by going for the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags. 


Quality in trash bags involves a myriad of issues. Top on the list is convenience and durability. You want a bag that can hold up to the tough demands of your commercial premises. The last thing you want happening is the bin bag tearing as you take out the trash, and spilling the contents onto the floor, or within the bin itself. The resultant sight would be deplorable. It would also mean more maintenance work and loss of value for your purchase. Besides, the reason you got the bin bags in the first place was to be able to hold the garbage without messing up the bin itself. You also don’t want to be forced to double bag the bin bag simply because it can’t handle the huge amount of waste that is constantly being generated by your establishment. You can avoid all this mishaps by opting for a high quality product. That's where the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags come in. Here's what to expect from them:


Why You Should Invest In The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags 

1. Built for tough

The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags come with high strength attributes. This has made them popular in high waste generation areas like restaurants and catering events. They will hold the trash without tearing, from magazines, drink and egg cartons, plus other kinds of paper waste, those containers left behind when you finish using the cleaning products, plastic bottles and bags, glassware, all through to organic matter such as leftover foods, spoiled fruits, and bones from meats and fish. In case you're doing some gardening at home, the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags will also come in handy. Use them to dispose of those small branches that you pruned, the weeds and grass cuttings.


2. High capacity

The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags come in at 26" x 45". This enables them to haul large mounds of waste at a go. It also reduces the frequency with which you'll be needed to change the bin bags.


3. See-through

The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags are completely clear. There are no colours or obstructing pigments to dampen their transparent nature. You will be able to see what goes into exactly what bag. This makes it easy to separate the waste for recycling, composting, and which is to be disposed of in the landfill. As such, the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags enable you to increase awareness about recycling in your establishment, and you may even pay lower disposal costs. These are incentives put in place by various municipal authorities in order to encourage recycling. Using the clear bags also increases the safety of the garbage collectors. They usually face potential hazards caused by items in the trash that they may not see, like needles and broken glass- exposing them to serious illnesses. The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags enables them to assess the contents and avoid contact with such objects.


4. 100% biodegradable

Future generations are depending on us to protect the world that they will inherit. This has seen government bodies, regularity institutions and individuals around the world come together to reduce the negative impact industrialisation has made to the environment. Most of the waste generated by residential and commercial activities around the world ends up in landfills, or gets burnt. Both have their effects. Landfills are choke-full of greenhouse gases like methane, which is over 84 times more potent compared to carbon dioxide, due to how effectively it traps heat. Backyard burning on the other hand causes dioxins to be released into the atmosphere, and these are toxic to humans, plants and animals alike. Hence, you want an eco-friendly way to manage your establishment's waste. This ranges from recycling all through to using biodegradable products. The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags will enables you to achieve your goals. They are naturally broken down by microorganisms in the area onto which they are disposed, which reduces the amount of waste that remains in the landfills. In addition when you're getting rid of organic waste, the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags ensure that the nutrients will eventually get released into the soil, rejuvenating it. As such, you get to eliminate trash and reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously. 


5. Economical

You get to manage the garbage generated in your enterprise more cost effectively with the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags. First, they are affordable, enabling you to make savings right from the onset of the purchase. Secondly, each roll has 25 bags, enabling every purchase you make to serve you for much longer. In addition, the spacious nature of the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags means that more volume is available to hold the trash, giving you more use out of every single bag. 


DOs And DON'Ts Of The Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags 

· DO set up the waste receptacles with the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags at points where the garbage is highly generated within the establishment- like an easy to reach area in the restaurant’s kitchen.

· DO close the lid of the garbage bin. You don’t want pests finding their way in it.

· DON'T pour spoilt milk and other liquid waste directly into the Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags. The increased moisture content will accelerate the decay of the organic matter within the trash. Double bag the liquid waste first, then toss it into the bin.


Biodegradable Heavy Duty Clear Refuse Bags

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