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Blik Bio Cleaning Tool | Flat Mopping System

  • Brand: Ramon
  • Product Code: 976G
  • Availability: 1

Blik Bio Cleaning Tool

  • Top quality flat mopping system highly recommended for the healthcare industry

  • Manufactured from top of the range light aluminium and shock resistant plastic

  • Fitted with a special knob that will release small amounts of cleaning solution

  • No need for mop handles, mop buckets, handles or other floor cleaning tools

  • The perfect flat mopping system for areas with high risk of cross contamination

  • 650 ML refillable plastic container, 40 Cm plastic frame, 140 cm aluminium handle

  • Fitted with a polypropylene handle for comfort, adjustable cleaning product flow

  • An easy to use, very versatile and time saving mop, suitable for floor maintaining

Blik Bio Cleaning Tool - Where to use

Perfect for the healthcare industry and general areas with risk of cross contamination. The new Blik Bio Cleaning Tool is the only flat mopping system you will need to deep clean & maintain all your floors. It can be used on all types of surfaces with the most appropriate floor cleaning detergent. The new Blik Bio Cleaning Tool is highly popular with nursing homes & hospitals. By using this amazing flat mopping system you will not have to use standard mops & handles, buckets or other floor cleaning tools. Just press the knob at the top of the handle and the right amount of cleaning detergent will be released directly in front of your flat mop head. The same cleaning detergent can be used for very long periods of time without the risk of being contaminated because there is no contact between the cleaning agent and the mop head. It can be used on marmoleum floors, vinyl floors, tile floors, natural stone floors, wood floors, laminate floors & others.

Blik Bio Cleaning Tool - How to use

Fill up the refillable plastic container with whatever cleaning product you plan to use and select the most appropriate flat mop head. By pressing the knob at the top of the mop you will start releasing a low flow of cleaning detergent directly in front of the flat mop. You can regulate the flow of the liquid by twisting the top knob. You can have it as a full flow or small amounts when you press once. Very easy to use and highly cost effective. 

  1. Press the knob at the top of the handle

  2. Scrub the floor until the pad dries up

  3. Press the knob again

Innovative floor cleaning technology and highly effective floor cleaning systems. Reduce your chemical costs and increase productivity. Try the new Blik Bio Cleaning Tool

Blik Bio Cleaning Tool

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