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Blue Capri Wood Stain

Blue Capri Wood Stain

-a truly fun and unique wood stain from Tover

-mostly used for staining furniture and stairs

-will create a cool blue colour on pine wood

-to be applied with a cloth or a low speed buffer

-it will cover around 20-30 sq meters per 1 L

-it requires overcoating with a sealant (lacquer)

-suitable for commercial and domestic use

-no special training is required to use the stain

-only suitable to use on bright types of wood

-to be applied ONLY on unsealed wood surfaces

Blue Capri Wood Stain - Why blue capri

The colour of your wood floor or furniture will speak volumes. Some colours will give the room an air of seriousness and sophistication. Others cool and chic. While others are designed to look fun and exciting. The Blue Capri Wood Stain is definitely a fun stain mostly used to stain garden furniture, kids bedroom floors, wood toys and holiday home doors & frames. It will create a cool blue within the fibre of the wood. Adored by some and hated by others. 

Blue Capri Wood Stain - Where to use

A professional wood stain suitable for staining all types of solid and semi solid wood floors & general wood surfaces. It can be used to change the look of any type of wood surface that is sealant free, clean, dry & dust free. The wood stain is just a colour so it can be used for staining exterior furniture and exterior woodwork as long as a suitable exterior sealer will be used to overcoat it. To look at its best use it on light coloured woods like pine, birch, white oak, etc. Used on darker wood, it will not be as visible as it should.

Blue Capri Wood Stain - How to use

You do not need to be a professional and you do not need special training to use a wood stain. Assess the surface, make sure that the wood is sealant free, dry and clean. If there is some type of sealer on the surface, remove it with sandpaper. Start with 40 grit sandpaper, go to 60, then 80 and then 100 grit. Vacuum well and start the staining process. You will need a cloth and a pair of gloves.

  1. Soak the cloth in the stain and start rubbing it along the fibre of the wood

  2. Apply an even pressure all over the surface to ensure even absorption

  3. If some areas are darker/brighter than the rest, go over one more time

  4. Allow time to dry, 2-5 hours, before applying a sealant over it

  5. Use a two pack water based floor lacquer if you are looking for a natural finish

  6. Avoid stain drippings & avoid touching any other surfaces that does not require staining

  7. If you are staining garden furniture, seal it with an "exterior” sealer

  8. If you are staining large floor surfaces, you should use a floor buffer

Blue Capri Wood Stain - Coverage

You should easily achieve 20-30 sq meter of floor per 1L of stain. The product can cover over 50 sq meter of floor if used in conjunction with a low speed floor buffer. The type of surface that you plan to stain, the quality of the sanding and the skill of the applicator will determine the final coverage area. Always remove any excess stain from the floor. The wood stain is not a paint and it will not create perfect blue surfaces. It will only add a hint of blue in the grain of the wood

Blue Capri Wood Stain 

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