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Blue Microfiber Cloths 300 GSM - 40 cm x 40 cm

  • Brand: Microfiber
  • Product Code: 3503070
  • Availability: 27

Microfiber Cloths 300 GSM


-high quality microfiber cloths suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning

-made from very absorbent material much more efficient than standard cloths

-come in 3 different colours to avoid using it for the wrong cleaning jobs

-brilliant for dusting, window cleaning, furniture polishing, screen cleaning, etc

-our microfiber clothes can be machine washed for over 3000 times

-affordable, durable, efficient, suitable for heavy duty commercial cleaning



Microfiber Cloths – Where to use

Our microfiber cloths are made from high quality materials and can be used for light polishing or heavy duty scrubbing. You can use these microfiber cloths to do a huge number of house cleaning jobs like dusting, furniture polishing, kitchen cleaning, glass cleaning, shop cleaning, bathroom cleaning, car cleaning, etc. By using a quality microfiber cloth you know the furniture will be polished better, the glass will be cleaned streak free, the stainless steel will look like a mirror. Our microfiber cloths are very long lasting and can be washed over 3000 times without losing their superb cleaning power. A microfiber cloth will polish stainless steel to a mirror like finish.



Microfiber Cloths – How to use

Microfiber cloths are made to do the same job as classic cloths but will do it much more efficiently, it will last longer and it will make the job easier. A microfiber cloth is softer than a classic rag and much more absorbent. When polishing furniture with a microfiber cloth, you should spray the furniture, wait for 5 seconds and then polish the furniture. The results are just magic. Polishing stainless steel was never easier, just spray on the area that you plan to clean and polish in circular movements with the cloth. The faster you move the microfiber cloth around the better results you will achieve. Many schools and educational buildings use microfiber clothes daily to clean their benches and desks. By using a microfiber cloth you make sure that you work faster and cheaper.



Microfiber Cloths – Cost efficient

By using re washable microfiber cloths you can save money over the year. The cloth will dry within a few hours and will not lose its qualities even after many washes. A pack of microfiber cloths can save a truck load of cheap rags. Good for your company and good for the environment.



Microfiber Cloths – Recommendation

If you are a company owner, a cleaning company manager or just a person that likes to clean, you cannot be without microfiber clothes. The work will be completed much faster and much cheaper and your press will not need to stuffed full of packs of cloths. It makes sense to use microfiber cloths.


Microfiber Cloths – the new revolution in the cleaning industry in your home!


Microfiber Cloths - professional results for less!

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