ASAP Thick Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves

ASAP Thick Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves

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Product Description

ASAP Blue Nitrile Gloves

-commercial and domestic heavy duty blue nitrile gloves

-much thicker and much more durable than other gloves

-suitable for industrial and heavy duty commercial use

-available in packs of 50 gloves or boxes of 500 pairs

-highly recommended for the catering & the cleaning industry

-our blue nitrile gloves are powder free, reusable & soft

ASAP Thick Nitrile Powder Free Examination Gloves

Blue has been the traditional colour for gloves used in medical facilities. In fact, the blue hue has frequently been used to differentiate nitrile gloves as a non-latex option in clinics and hospitals. Over time, it became the industry preference and has remained so for decades. A similar situation is applicable out in the field, like when enabling medical personnel to distinguish themselves from the law enforcement officers, who are also first responders in emergency situations. But that's just about the colour, where it`s all about perception. What of the functionality of the gloves themselves? What makes the blue nitrile gloves a popular option?

Let's look at the science of nitrile. It`s a general term used to refer to Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR). The material is a synthetic rubber copolymer of two main compounds: acrylonitrile and butadiene. The NBR is blended with antioxidants which stabilise it, and solidified by adding coagulating agents such as calcium nitrate, before being washed and dried. The resulting material is "crumb rubber", a product that is liquefied by different manufacturers to produce different nitrile materials depending on the target market, from footwear and floor mats, to adhesives and the blue nitrile gloves. In this case, processes like chlorination and polymer coating are carried out to improve the softness and elasticity of the gloves. There are the basic requirements of protecting the wearer from accidental spills or splashes during medical operations, overspray from dispensing devices, and offering protection when one is handling infectious agents that require a barrier from the skin. Enhanced production standards have enabled the nitrile gloves to provide latex-like comfort without the underlying allergic risks to the wearer or the patient being attended to.

Benefits Of The Blue Nitrile Gloves

1. Superior protection
Though thin and flexible, the gloves offer more resistance to acids and oils compare to the natural rubber (latex) alternatives. The blue nitrile gloves give you 25% extra tensile strength and tear resistance. This durability makes it suitable for multiple tasks. The medical grade gloves are used in areas where there are risks of coming into contact with chemotherapy agents, bodily fluids, plus blood-borne pathogens and environmental contaminants. These range from hospitals, dental offices and laboratories, all through to clean rooms. For such applications, the risks are so high such that the gloves are taken through intensive testing to ensure they have met specific guidelines from government regulatory bodies. Since they are single-use gloves, disposed when one is through with them, infections are also prevented from spreading.

2. Conforms to the hand

The ultra-soft blue nitrile gloves are designed to be easy to wear. They fit snugly onto the hand, and you won`t have to worry about them slipping off during usage. The doffing (removing the gloves) is also easy. Simply grab the beaded cuff of one glove down at the wrist, then peel it off, turning it inside out in the process. With your gloveless hand, grab the beaded cuff of the other glove, avoiding touching its outside surface that contains the contaminants, and turn the section inside out. Peel it downwards too as was the previous case, and the end result is that your hands are clear, and both gloves are inside out. These are then disposed of appropriately.

3. Non-latex

The rapid surge in the demand for the nitrile gloves has been mainly pushed by the reports of latex allergies in both the wearers and persons being attended to - be they patients in hospitals or clients in salons and tattoo parlours. Latex allergies range from skin irritation to anaphylaxis, which is a potentially life-threatening condition. Cases of reactions were skyrocketing during the last century when the latex gloves were dominating the sector, which led to the invention of the nitrile alternative towards the late 1980s. The nitrile gloves are a synthetic product, preventing such reactions from occurring. This has extra cost benefits too. Since the nitrile is man-made, it experiences less price-volatility compared to the latex products whose raw materials are under the whims of Mother Nature.

4. Powder-free

Comfort of the wearer is key. In the powdered alternatives, corn-starch is added to the gloves as a lubricant to enable easy donning. However, dealing with the powder often gets messy. In order to take care of this, while still enabling one to easily wear and remove the gloves, the blue nitrile gloves are topped with a chlorinated or polymer finish.

5. High tactile sensitivity

The blue nitrile gloves have a good balance between puncture protection and touch sensitivity. After all, you want to be able to use your equipment with ease, and accurately carry out the medical examination. This is as a result of the low modulus that is achieved during the finishing process.

6. Textured fingertips

You can easily feel the texture at the fingertips. This feature enhances grip, which is especially vital when carrying out fine motor tasks- from handling syringes, dental equipment all through to the fragile test tubes in the laboratory.

7. Vitamin E coating

For those who'd like extra moisturising action, you can opt for the blue nitrile gloves that come with vitamin E coating. This is especially for the cases where dry skin is a concern. Moreover, these gloves come with micro-textured surfaces ensuring you have a consist grip in all operating conditions.

Selecting the gloves

When purchasing the gloves to use for your particular situation, two key factors to consider are the thickness and the right fit. With matters thickness, the rule of the thumbs is "the higher the thickness, the less the dexterity". Thicker gloves provide more puncture resistance which is key if you`re handling equipment that brings about such a scenario, while with thinner gloves you have more flexibility- and less sweaty palms at the end of a gruelling operation that lasts hours. For the fit, go with those that snuggly fit the hands of the wearers. When the gloves are too small, they will end up tearing during use, and when they are too big, it will be difficult to work with, plus there's the risk of slipping off. The blue nitrile gloves come in different sizes, enabling you to go with the option that matches your particular needs, from minimum, small to extra-large.

Blue Nitrile Gloves - Heavy Duty Blue Nitrile Gloves

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