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-water based refresher for varnished wood floor

-it will repair tiny imperfections & small scratches

-the product will dry within 1 hour after application

-it will cover between 30 to 50 sq meters per Liter

-suitable for commercial and domestic traffic

-to be applied over clean and dry wood surfaces

A Look At The Bona Freshen Up 5L

Floors are bound to lose their beauty over time, especially with all the traffic they handle, natural aspects like the sun beaming down its radiation on them, and also those tough scrubbing sessions to get rid of the dirt and stains on it. Products like the Bona Freshen Up 5L come in handy to restore the floors beauty.

Why You Should Invest In The Bona Freshen Up 5L

1. Give your floor a new look
With the Bona Freshen Up 5L, you get to restore the elegance to floors that were beginning to look dull and forlorn. In fact, it makes them look fresh and new, without you having to undertake an intensive sanding and refinishing process. Taking a few moments to apply and fully drying within a day, you get to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your finished or prefinished flooring, be it in a residential or commercial establishment.

2. Increased resistance to wear and abrasion
The Bona Freshen Up 5L is designed to amp up your floors protection. It brings the polyurethane strength attributes on board, thus increasing the floors ability to withstand foot traffic plus the knocks and drops from everyday life. Moreover, it allows for future finish applications with the Prep System, meaning that you will be able to always ensure that your floor retains its structural integrity.

3. Increased traction
Slip and fall accidents, especially on newly treated surfaces, can be a cause for concern. Just a little wetness can send people toppling over. With the Bona Freshen Up 5L, you wont have to worry about that. Having met DIN 18 032 for slip resistance, the formulation actually increases the traction of the surface, providing the persons in the premises enhanced grip as they walk across it. This enhances the floor's safety standards.

4. Easy application
The Bona Freshen Up 5L has a straightforward and easy application. You get to achieve professional quality results without much hustle. As is with any other floor treatment process, begin by cleaning the surface, getting rid of the grime that could affect the quality of the results. Things like dust particles or pet hair getting trapped under the coats you apply can be frustrating. When the surface is clean, apply the Bona Freshen Up 5L using a Bona Microfibre applicator pad. It's formulated to be ready to use, hence no dilution is necessary. Ensure that the application is even. After youre done, allow 2 hours drying time before allowing light traffic onto the surface or adding a second coat if needed. Thereafter, the floor will dry completely in 24 hours, after which you can allow heavy traffic on it and replace the furniture that had been moved.

5. Wide area coverage
First, the Bona Freshen Up 5L itself is a large unit. As such, each purchase you purchase already allows you to cover a vast surface area. In addition, the formulation itself has an application of 30-50 m2 /litre depending on the thickness of the coats you apply. Thus, you get optimal floor treatment with each Bona Freshen Up 5L unit.

6. Cost convenient
With the Bona Freshen Up 5L, you get to protect your floor and make savings at the same time. It all starts with the affordable price tag, that provides you with a quality product without punching a hole through your wallet. The Bona Freshen Up 5L comes in 3 unit packages, and you can also go for the pallets which have 44 boxes each, where even the large scale floor maintenance projects are covered. Since finishing your floor with the Bona Freshen Up 5L gives it enhanced protection with aspects like wear and stain resistance attributes, you get to save on costs that would have been incurred later on due to repair being needed to be carried out. This gives you a quality return for your investment.

Tips For Using The Bona Freshen Up 5L
Before opening and applying it on the floor, turning the Bona Freshen Up 5L container several times will help in evening out the contents of the formulation.
It is advisable to dampen the applicator pad lightly with water before you use it.
Working in small sections of approximately 3m² at a time will enable you to ensure that you have applied even coats, as you will be able to smoothen the Freshen Up before it has began to dry.

In order to ensure that you have an even appearance and sheen throughout the surface, you should always coat the entire floor, not just patches of it.

Bona Freshen Up

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