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-neutral floor cleaner with great cleaning capability

-removes most types of dirt from wood floors

-cleans and protects wooden floors in one go

-suitable to use on prestigious floors

-affordable & very long lasting


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Where to use

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner can be used on any type of solid, semi solid wood or laminate floor. It will clean streak free and it will enhance the look of your floor without affecting the existing finish. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner can be bought in 1 l spray bottle, 1 l replacement cartridge for Bona Spray Mop or in 2.5 L container. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner can be used with ease on commercial floors or domestic floors. When you clean your floors with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner not only do you clean your floor but you also build up a protective coat on your floor. By using Bona Wood Floor Cleaner you can be sure that you are using a quality product designed to clean and protect your floor thus helping to extend the life of your floors considerable. The classic mopping system is history now, it is not recommended for wooden floors as oversoaking and incorrect products can cause damage. Over soaking your floors will result in extra expenses for you as you will need refinishing more often.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – How to use

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner can be sprayed directly on the floor or it can be sprayed on the microfiber pad. Just spray on the floor and polish the floor with a Bona floor cleaning system. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner cleans fast and cleans well but some heavy duty stains might require a second go. This superb wood floor cleaner is one of the most widely used wood floor cleaners in Ireland. Easy to use and provides instant results.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Dilution

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner requires no dilution. Just spray all over the floor area that you need to clean and then lightly scrub the floor with a Bona microfiber pad until the desired results are achieved. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner provides the best results and the best protection if used as it is.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Cost savings

By using Bona Wood Floor Cleaner you are sure to extend the life of your floors by a few years and this could save you big money in the long run. Moisture is wood floors no 1 enemy. By using a floor cleaning kit from bona in conjunction with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner you are avoiding wetting the floor and you are also avoiding using the wrong floor cleaners. A floor cleaned regularly with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner will be proud to exist.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Recommendation

If you are a domestic customer or a commercial customer and if you have wood floors, you need to try Bona Wood Floor Cleaner. Besides getting magic results each time, you will also avoid accidents by not wetting the floors in commercial buildings. Bona Wood Floor Cleaner will be absorbed by the floor within seconds and it will leave the floor surface clean and shiny but not wet.



Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – Superb results with so little effort!

Overall Rating 5
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