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-superb high quality & high traffic wood floor polish

-designed for easy application & long life expectancy

-suitable to use on most types of solid & semi solid wood floors

-it will build up a hard wearing coat of polish over the floor

-suitable for commercial and domestic wooden floors

-one of the most widely used wood floor polishes in Ireland


Bona Wood Floor Polish – Where to use

Bona Wood Floor Polish is a professional quality wood floor polish designed to seal and protect semi solid and solid wood floors. Bona Wood Floor Polish can be used on sealed & unsealed wooden floors. It will restore the look of dull, tired floors. Bona Wood Floor Polish is a water based wood floor polish and is not recommended for used on oiled floors. It can be used on any type of traffic wood floors. Bona Wood Floor Polish will enhance the look of your floor and it will extend the life of it.


Bona Wood Floor Polish – How to use

Bona Wood Floor Polish can be applied on unsealed and sealed wood floors. Just make sure that the floor is dust and dirt free. Apply one thin coat of Bona Wood Floor Polish with a microfiber applicator. Allow 30 minutes to dry and apply a second coat. Two coats should be enough for the domestic market. Three coats of floor polish are recommended for the commercial market. Bona Wood Floor Polish responds well to burnishing. Buff your floor with a red floor pad. To achieve all the advantages that this high quality floor polish can offer you will need to make sure that you respect the drying time between coats and the surface preparation. You can buy Bona Wood Floor Polish in two finishes, matte & gloss.


Bona Wood Floor Polish – Dilution

Bona Wood Floor Polish is a ready to use floor polish and requires no dilution. Many commercial customers dilute the floor polish to make it last longer but in fact it reduces the durability and affects the look as well.


Bona Wood Floor Polish – Recommendation

Bona Wood Floor Polish is not just another wood floor polish. This is the original wood floor polish. There are many wood floor polishes available on the open market but no other wood floor sealant gets the same results like Bona Wood Floor Polish. Prestigious floors are not designed to look fake or artificial and by polishing it with Bona Wood Floor Polish you will make sure that your floors will stay natural and beautiful. Try Bona Wood Floor Polish today and see what you think.


Bona Wood Floor Polish – the original wood floor polish!


Wood floor is the best investment you can have in your home. Wood floors have numerous advantages compared to other floor types. They are durable and easily available in a plethora of colors, species, types and cuts. With wood floors, you can always find one that fits your profile ranging from Mahogany, conventional Pine, bamboo or fashionable cork and Oak. Wood floors as opposed to other flooring types are natural and friendly to the immediate environment and can easily be recycled. Installing hardwood floor, in particular, is a daunting and time-consuming task that requires a meticulous, precise output. The benefits afterward, however, are certainly well worth the effort.

People love wood floors because they don't attract and harbor dirt and other allergy-causing pollutants; which is why top health organizations recommend wood floorings as the best alternative for healthy households. In most occasions, wood floors are fairly priced. In the long run, wood floors are quite economical and convenient as they preserve their value and attest its durability and ageless splendor. Just like any other wood floor, they need to be kept clean and maintained to enable them to keep their stellar characteristics. There are numerous ways of cleaning and maintaining your wood flooring, but wood floor polish will go a long way.

Wood floor polish creates a shiny and smooth surface by utilizing a chemical action or rubbing it. The process leaves the wood floor surface with a considerable spectacular reflection. Wood floor polish will impart excellent attributes to your wooden floor including water resilience and excellent heat isolation. Commercial wood floor polishes are available in the marketplace today, but you can also leverage homemade wood floor polishes that are free from allergies and health related effects.

Essential Oil Based Homemade Wood Floor Polish

By making wood floor polish yourself, you are more likely to get your home clean without the risk of dangerous chemicals like those available in commercial wood floor polish products. In addition, homemade floor finish smells pretty.

That potent, clean smell that emanates from commercial wood cleaners might give your home a great sense of disinfection. However, the aroma obtained from them is derived from tones of toxic chemicals; which is why most give a smell that mimics strawberries and mountain rains.

AS opposed to commercial wood floor polish, most homemade floor finishes do not smell much. Most ingredients used in making homemade wood polish call for staple ingredients, for example, white vinegar, baking soda, oil, water, soap and salt. In actual fact, you can make a non-toxic cleaner for polishing wooden cutting boards, shine your toilet bowl to perfection, polish and shine your furniture and oven. Unfortunately, despite the fact that these ingredients produce chemical-free and powerful wood floor polish, they give out quite bland smell. Vinegar, for instance, can produce a strong smell, not in a good way; which is why these green homemade wood polish recipes call for essential oils.

Essential oils, in essence, are distilled liquid core of the plant made by cold pressing or steaming of raw plant life. Aromatic essential oils like cilantro, tea tree, grapefruit and vanilla can be harnessed from any plant or herb.

Beyond making your wood polish smell fabulous, the concentrated liquids can purify, disinfect and remove all stains with zero toxic chemicals in the mixture. Naturally, essential oils are antibacterial and antimicrobial. Of course some have high cleaning capabilities than others. In spite of the fact that essential oils will not impart delicious aroma to your homemade wood floor polish, they will punch up your wood polish cleaning attributes. The three essential oils you can use include:

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil is a potent and ideal complement to your homemade wood floor polish because of its powerful antibacterial attributes and refreshing minty aroma. You can add up a few drops of this essential oil to your homemade natural spray cleaners, and it will smell perfectly nice. Use this mixture to polish specific areas that require antibacterial attention like kitchens and bathrooms and witness the results. As an added benefit, peppermint essential oil performs the task of pest deterrent.
You can also try out some creativity by blending different essential oils to create aromatic mixtures. Peppermint blends perfectly well with other natural essential oils, for example, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon and lavender to create a truly awesome wood floor polish.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemons are pretty much available in almost all homes, so this must be the most popular essential oil you can find. Lemon essential oil is created by cold-pressing of fresh lemon rinds. The result will be a smell that mimics fresh ripe lemon. To your favorite homemade wood floor polish, add a few drops of the lemon essential oil and the scent will be felt throughout your house. Your home will acquire a unique Pine-Sol Lemon scent with zero nasty chemical odors. Apart from imparting an alluring smell. Lemon essential oil aids in the removal and brightening of stains.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil is made from the famous Australian Melaleuca tree. The oil has numerous boons including antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic attributes. Tea Tree Essential Oil specifically works perfectly by eradicating mold and mildew throughout the house. It's as simple as combining equal parts of the tea tree essential oil with natural water in a bottle spray and spraying on sensitive mildew and moldy areas like showers without rinsing off. You can also apply this homemade wood floor polish in areas with musty smells.

Your cleaning detergents will benefit by acquiring lovely and medicinal properties by adding tea tree essential oil them. If you intend only to use soapy water to clean your surfaces, add a few drops of tea tree essential oil to it before cleaning to permeate its unique smell in the mixture. You can also utilize this essential oil in your laundry by adding a few drops to your favorite homemade detergent to provide your clothes a therapeutic, fresh scent.

The Best Places To Find Essential Oils

Essential oils are not hard to come by these days. If you visit local health food stores, you can be lucky enough to find them in bountiful supply in tiny blue or green bottles.

Buying Tips
When contemplating buying essential oils, ensure you look for pure and undiluted ones that don't contain additional diluents, carries or other harmful additives. It will be prudent if you look for certified homemade wood floor polish brand to guarantee authenticity.

Care Of Wood Floor Polish
After applying the wood floor polish, care and maintenance procedures must be instituted to keep it in its primary condition for years to come. The following measures will come in handy;

When cleaning polished wooden floors, avoid household cleaning and dusting products. These products will only cause extensive and permanent damage. It's prudent that you adhere to the manufacturer's advice and use the right products necessary for polished wooden floors.
Avoid mopping polished wooden floors with water. It is essential that you only use damp cloth to wipe out regular spills. Too much water will cause permanent damage like rotting and warping.

Avoid the use of ammonia. Ammonia and polish don't gel well. Using ammonia will cause the polish to peel away fast.
It is unavoidable to move furniture around in your home. Just don't drag furniture on wood floor polished areas. You can mitigate gauges and scratches to wood floor polish by using felt contacts beneath the furniture legs.

Vacuum polished wood floors. After applying the wood floor polish, the best way to keep it clean is to regularly vacuum it. It is the most recommended method to sweeping as it enables dirt and dust to be pulled from between wooden floors and leaves behind a shiny finish.
Protection of the polished wood floor from discoloration due to exposure to too much sun rays is essential. Use sheers or blinds to achieve this milestone.
High-heeled shoes are major causes of wear and tear to wood floor polish. Desist from using stiletto heels on polished wood floors and keep high-heeled shoes in perfect repair at all times. Better, yet, remember to remove high-heeled shoes before entering the house. It is recommended that you buy yourself a pair of slippers for movement in different sections of the room.

Maintain the nails and claws of pets by keeping them well trimmed.
Identify high traffic areas and sites of regular spills by placing cotton mats and rugs on them. Remember to always move the mats and rugs to maintain the floor coloration.

When spills occur, clean them up at the same time with a dry cloth or paper towel. If you choose to use a damp cloth to wipe out the spillage, dry it immediately afterward.

Top 5 Wood Floor Polish and Cleaners

The Bona Hard Wood Floor Care System

Most people use this type of wood floor polish because it easily cuts through the stain and gets rid of scuff marks quickly than any other wood floor cleaner. It's ideal for cleaning large and small spots due to its easy to use trigger bottle. After use, its dries immediately and doesn't leave residue afterward. The Bona Hard Wood Floor System is kind on your wood flooring, but gets through almost anything with a sense of power. The good thing is that it is a one-off purchase, and you'll only need to purchase the Bona Wood Floor Spray moving forward.

The Pledge FloorCare Wood Squirt & Mop

Essential for large floor polishing jobs with ease. It also requires minimal strokes to clear out sticky messes. You won't need to mix anything so using it is quite easy. All you need to do is squeeze it on the demanding area, and you are ready to polish with a sponge, mob or clean cloth leaving behind a cleaner and sparkling floor. The Pledge FloorCare Wood Squirt & Mop complements your shine by adding a fresh citrus scent plus it doesn't leave residue and streaks afterward. Beyond restoring wood floor's natural beauty, it can be used to polish furniture, condition and clean cabinets and other wood based surfaces throughout your home.

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet And Hard Floor Cleaner

It's mostly used for large scale cleaning and polishing as it can clean 1000 scrubs every minute by use of scrubbing heads. Some advantages of Shark Sonic Duo Hard Floor Cleaner include: swivel steering, AirGlide maneuverability, and headlights that make it even easier to clean hard to reach places. In addition, it has a 7-in-1 intense non-toxic mild cleaning solution that's able to get rid of grime and stuck-on dirt invisible cracks, so you attain the cleanest floor possible. It comes with numerous accessories that you can repeatedly use to clean your floor, for instance, polishing pad, scrub and clean pads, wood floor cleaners, carpet cleaner, washable micro pads, and pretreatment.

Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner
It's essentially non-toxic water based wood floor polish

. It will extensively clean grime and clean dirt from your wooden floors giving them a new and shiny look. There isn't mixing or diluting involved which makes it an easy to use product. You just spray it on the wooden floor and wipe away with a clean cloth or mop. It has special attributes like quick drying times, doesn't leave residue behind and bears an alluring orange scent.

Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop
It's considered one of the best selling wood floor and carpet cleaning product. Statistics show that it exterminates 99.95 of bacteria so you'll be absolutely sure that your floor is safe. It has an immaculate twin tank system that will enable you clean with steam or non-toxic, biodegradable disinfectant solution. You can adjust the level of cleaning you desire by utilizing the clean control dial and power indicator light. It's easily maneuverable with the aid of an extra long cord and swivel triangle head. Additionally, it comes in handy with 3 washable pads and docking tray that can be used many times.


Finding the most appropriate wood floor polish for your cleaning routine will take a little patience and some quality time. But with the right technique and tools, you'll be on song. Various companies are selling a wide selection of hardware and wood floor polishes. All you need is a rigorous research, and your wooden floor will remain glamorous for many years. 

Bona Wood Floor Polish

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