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Bona Classic Floor Primer

Bona Classic Floor Primer

 -professional quality from primer designed to work with all Bona varnishes

-suitable to use on all types of new or newly sanded wood floor surfaces

-especially suitable for end grain floors, softwood plank and hardwood floors

-highly recommended to use on floors that have underfloor heating systems

-its very high coverage areas (50 m +)  makes this product highly cost effective 

 -this product is very easy to use even by people with no experience or training


Bona Classic Review

Wood floors come from a living, breathing source, which is why they add a natural look and warm feeling to any establishment. There are plenty of hues available, and you get to pick the one that best suits your décor- from the dark and toned settings that soothe the mind and create a luxurious feel, to the bright and vibrant colourations that really open up the interior space. What's more- it never goes out of style. Wood floors that are properly taken care of can last for generations, being tough enough to withstand active workspaces and heavy foot traffic. The character of the wood reflects onto the rest of the items, from the cupboards and furniture, to the countertops and the artwork strung up on the walls. As such, you want the floor to be elegant, and convey the natural ambience all through your property. Get things started by coating it with the Bona Classic.


Side bonding is frustrating. The polyurethane finish flowing in between the joints of the floor boards and gluing them together results in different sorts of issues. For instance, it can prevent the boards from shrinking naturally with the changes in the surrounding climate, causing anything from uneven gaps popping up all over the floor, to the boards splitting themselves. You want to apply the finishes to your floor to enhance its beauty, but you also want to protect the boards from the side bonding. The Bona Classic makes it possible.


Benefits Of The Bona Classic

1. Brings out the wood’s natural gleam

The light colouration of the Bona Classic enables the natural appearance of the wood to come right through. The waterborne primer is also non-yellowing, which ensures that the wood floor maintains its grandiose look and feel. This enhances the ambience of the premises, making your home more appealing and comfortable, and impressing the customers and employees at your workplace. It even increases the value of your property, whether you're a realtor looking to sell or rent it out, or a buyer who wants to spruce up the elegance of the residence. 


2. Enhanced durability

The Bona Classic brings superior protection to your floor. Its high solids content (approximately 35%) adds to the build of the surface, giving it more strength to withstand the barrage of abuse it receives. In fact, the Bona Classic is a popular option for highly trafficked surfaces, and even areas receiving more usage than the rest, like end grain floors and the softwood plank floors. The primer is also suitable for hardwood floors that have underfloor heating. All these attributes enhance the life of your floor, and also reduce the cost of maintaining it, giving you more savings in the long run. 


3. Elastic and versatile

You can topcoat the Bona Classic with any of Bona's waterborne lacquers. This gives you plenty of room for choice when determining the topcoat that suitably matches your décor. The waterborne acrylic primer effectively seals both hard and softwoods, preparing a surface that the lacquer can strongly bond with. The elasticity of the Bona Classic enables it to reduce the risk of side bonding, and allows for increased flex and movement.


4. Timely application

This is the 21st century- every second counts. Whether it’s in the heart of the workday in your business premises, or those precious moments you have to relax over the weekend with your family. You don't want to inconvenience the customers and staff in your commercial establishment, or seal off rooms in your own house for days. You also want a product that you can apply easily, and which has a reduced workload. The Bona Classic is designed to be used easily and fast. From applying the coats, where it’s superior flow rate enables you to get uniform coats, all through to the drying time. The coats will dry in 1-2 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity conditions. They will be ready to receive the lacquer.


5. Eco-friendly floor treatment

The Bona Classic is formulated to be safe for Mother Nature and the persons in your establishment. For one, it has a low VOC content, and has even been approved by DIBt for ensuring indoor air quality. It also lacks both NMP and NEP. The waterborne formula enables you to get the superior results without worrying about the health risks involved with solvent based formulations.


6. Packed for economy

The Bona Classic gives you a value return for the money you spend. Firstly, you get the high quality results from the affordable 1L or 5L containers. In addition, the Bona Classic has a high application rate of 120-100g/m² (8-10 m²/lit) per coat, enabling you to cover a wide floor area with each unit purchase. The high solids content also reduces the number of coats that you have to apply to achieve the desired thickness. All these cut down your floor maintenance budget.


How To Use The Bona Classic

Follow these steps:

1. Start with the floor preparation. Sand it down to the bare wood. You can use a Bona Sanding Disc or Screen grit 120 for the final sanding. Remove the resultant dust, and clean off any contaminants like wax that may be on the surface.

2. Apply the Bona Classic on the floor using a roller.

3. Allow 1-2 hours to dry. 

4. Apply the desired Bona waterborne topcoat.

5. Allow to dry and lightly sand with grit 150 to reduce the grain raise.

6. Apply an additional layer of topcoat.


Note that the Bona Classic is elastic. Hence, you should not sand it before applying the topcoats. Repeat steps 5 and 6 depending on the wear resistance requirements of the surface. 2-3 layers of the waterborne lacquers are usually enough. 

In addition, pick the appropriate day for applying the Bona Classic onto the floor. Aim for high temperature and low humidity. This will speed up the drying process. Optimal conditions are temperatures between 18-25C, and 40-60% relative air humidity, while the minimum temperature that you should work with is 13C.

Tips For Using The Bona Classic

· For new floor installations, ensure that the wood has been properly acclimatised to the conditions in your establishment. 

· Always shake the Bona Classic container thoroughly before use. 

· Apply an even coat of the bona Classic using the roller. This is to prevent colour variation. In addition, you should maintain a wet edge, to prevent any overlaps.

Bona Classic Floor Primer 

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