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Bona Craft Oil 2K - 1.25L

€62.72 Ex Tax: €50.99

 Bona Craft Oil 2K

-unique long open time and pot life

-it looks amazing and it dries fast

-to be overcoated with Bona Traffic HD

-suitable to use on exotic wood floors

-Craft Oil has superb leveling qualities

-extremely high degree of saturation

-very low levels of solvent (little odour)


Bona Craft Oil 2K - 1.25L To Protect Your Wood Surfaces

There are loads of reasons why home and business owners dig deep into their pockets to get the wood flooring that matches their needs. One is the sheer beauty and elegance that they hold. Wood adds style to the interior space, exuding comfort and luxury. Just a few decades ago it was a preserve of the wealthy, but now rapid production and different manufacturing techniques has ensured that there are options to suit different tastes and budgets. You get to have a flooring that brings out your personality, and matches the decor of the establishment. Even financial wise, the wood comes with goodies. For instance, its insulation properties enable you to easily regulate heat levels in your establishment without overworking your air conditioning system. This means your energy bills at the end of the month get reduced. The flooring is also easy to clean. Wood is essentially non-electromagnetic. As such, it doesn’t attract dust, dander and other particles to its surface. For those that still end up on it due to gravity, they can be quickly swept or mopped off. This is also welcome news to establishments with persons who are susceptible to allergies, as it's a healthy flooring choice that reduces risk of reactions. Moreover, the wood itself is also strong, with its structural integrity enabling it to live through generations. It just has to be properly maintained. You want a quality product that will be able to achieve this. That's right up the alley of the Bona Craft Oil 2K - 1.25L.


Reasons To Invest In The Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L


1. Built for tough

With the Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L, you get to enhance the wear and abradability attributes of the wood. Instead of simply forming a barrier on the floor boards, it seeps into the wood, then hardens thus increasing the degree of solidity. This enhances the floors strength and durability. As such, you get to enable it to meet the requirement of withstanding foot traffic, and it also provides stain and water resistance. That way you won’t have to keep worrying about water damage or permanent stains forming, as the Bona Craft Oil 2K Ash - 1.25L will keep the spills from penetrating the wood, giving you sufficient time to clean them off. You can also add lacquer coats to further enhance these attributes.


2. Accentuate the wood

You want to bring out the elegance of your tropical wood floor. With the Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L, you can, making sure that it blends with your decor. Its six hues, ranging from Graphite, Pure, and Frost, all through to Umbra, Ash and Clay enable you to have the results that match your individual taste. It's not just for the floors. The formulation of the Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L enables it to be used for application on upright structures like wood cabinets and doors, thus you can spread the beauty all over with your squeegee or roller. 


3. Environmentally friendly

The Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L is formulated with the environment in mind. While it contains plenty of oils, it has minimal volatile organic compound (VOC) content. The indoor air quality is further protected by the rapid dissipation of the aerosolized solvents as the coats that are applied dry. In addition, the Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L is EN 71-3 compliant, meeting the strict standards on environmental safety and sustainability. It's also safe for application on your kid's wooden toys, plus the countertops around the house. Your pets are not at risk, and there's low odour to worry about. You can resume using the establishment as soon as the Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L coats dry.


4. Easy to use

The Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L has a straightforward application. Prepare the floor, grab your application tool, and spread the product on the surface. Use a thin coat. Applying multiple thin coats is preferable to adding one thick one. Different tools can be used for the premises, ranging from stainless steel trowels or an oil resistant rubber applicator, all through to the Bona WoolPad. Before you apply the Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L, ensure that the container is properly shaken in order to ensure that the product is well distributed. In addition, the floor should be well acclimatised to the end-use environment. After you're done, buff the floor in alternate directions with a buffing machine set at 150revs/minute. For optimal results, also wait for 6-18 hours after the final coat has been applied, then buff with a Bona WoolPad at 300revs/minute. In 24 hours, at a 20 C temperature and RH of 60%, the floor will be ready to handle light traffic. For lower temperatures and when working on exotic wood, it may take a while longer. Furnishing can be done in 1-2 days. For patchy areas, just add some Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L to a cotton cloth, then place it under the machine and buff the surface. Give it one hour then buff again with a clean cloth.


5. Cost convenient

The Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L is priced to be able to offer you high quality without denting your wallet. In addition, its functionality further lowers your maintenance costs. For instance, the 96-98% solids content, which depends on the particular colour you choose, enables fewer coats to be needed. This means each unit you obtain gets to be applied on a wide floor area, cutting down your coverage costs. Usually it takes 20 m²/litre, which is also determined by the particular type of wood. Moreover, the enhanced durability of the wood will enable you to avoid future problems, which would have cost a pretty penny to have the boards repaired or replaced.


Tips For Using The Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L


· Allow sufficient drying time in between subsequent coat applications. Usually this is about 15-30 minutes depending on the prevailing temperature and humidity conditions. 

· Wait for approximately one week after applying the Bona Craft Oil 2K  - 1.25L coats before you clean the floor using wet methods, or cover the surface with carpets and area rugs.

· Any surplus oil after the final application on the surface of the wood should be removed using clean cotton cloths before allowing it to dry.

Bona Craft Oil 2K



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