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Bona Mix And Fill Plus

  • Brand: Bona Products
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-high quality water based gap filler

-suitable for filling gaps up to 0.5 cm

-very flexible & very durable product

-needs to be mixed up with wood dust

-this product is odourless & fume free

Bona Mix & Fill Plus


Bona Mix And Fill Review

If you own a wood floor, getting scratches, gouges and gaps is inevitable. It’s not the wood's fault. This unsightly features are a result of you moving furniture all over your floor, people trooping on the surface with heeled and spiked shoes, your pets tracking in rocks from the outside, etc. You don't want to come home to a floor with grooves all over. It will simply ruin your day. The image of your business will be damaged if clients walk in to find gaps in your flooring. Fortunately, repairing the surface and restoring the elegant look back to your floor is easy. You just need the right product. That's where the Bona Mix And Fill comes in. 


Sometimes the gaps are as a result of natural processes. They can develop in both plank and tongue-and-groove floors as your floor ages. This is due to compression shrinkage. Here's how it occurs: Wood floors are usually made using boards of wood which are butted together. These boards may, or may not, be nailed or glued into place. When there's high humidity in the atmosphere, the floorboards tend to expand and compress their neighbours. As dry air returns, the boards will shrink, but they won't fully decompress. As time progresses, this gaps will widen, and then even getting a humidifier to encourage the shrunken boards to expand won't be effective. The gaps are not just unsightly, but they also cause drafts and reduce the energy efficiency of your building. Immediately you discover that your wood floor has begun to form gaps in spots, it’s important that you take care of the issue sooner rather than later. Use the Bona Mix And Fill to fill them in. This in-depth review will show you what it does for you.


What Is The Bona Mix And Fill?

The Bona Mix And Fill is designed to fix the state of your floor, whether it has deep grooves from aging or shallow claw marks from your furry friend. It is a gap filler designed for all installations of wood floors- whether it’s at home, in offices, in schools, business premises, public venues, etc. It’s a popular choice for both flooring contractors and carpenters, which is testament to its quality and effectiveness. You can get it in 2 sizes (1L and 5L) so you get to pick the option that's most suitable to your needs. 


You can use it on different kinds of wood floors, from Oak, Alder and Aspen, Birch, Cherry, Ash and Chestnut, to Poplar, Pine and Cedar. It blends with both light and dark wood species, restoring the lustre and elegance of the gaps on your wood floor.


Benefits Of The Bona Mix And Fill

1. High filling capacity

This quick and easy solution fills joints and repairs minor defects on your floor up to 2mm in width. 


2. Perfect colour match

It'll blend in with the rest of the surface. There will be no sign that any section of the floor had been damaged.


3. Economical

The Bona Mix And Fill has been designed to give you maximum use with minimal product. 1 litre of it can cover approximately 10 square metres of floor. This depends on the quantity and depth of the joints. Since you'll mainly be doing spot fixes, this means that it'll last for long, thus bringing you savings in floor maintenance. 


4. Efficient

Under normal conditions, you'll only need to apply the Bona Mix And Fill once. This saves your time, money and effort. It also has a quick drying time. In fact, after you apply it you only need to wait for around 30 minutes for it to completely dry.


5. Versatile

It’s popular for both commercial and residential properties. You can use the Bona Mix And Fill with all Bona oils and finishes. It’ll work on various wood surfaces, from your living room floor to your kitchen countertops.


6. Enhances the properties of your floor

The Bona Mix And Fill makes your floor more abrasion resistant. This prolongs the life of your floor, keeping it looking elegant for longer. 


7. Easy to use

You don't have to be a professional to use the Bona Mix And Fill. Its application is really simple: mix with the sanding dust, stuff into the gaps, and you're done. There are no complicated procedures, dilution procedures or additive chemicals that you'll need to concern yourself with. The excess filler is also easy to remove.


8. Environmentally- friendly

The Bona Mix And Fill is a waterborne gap filler. In addition to the functionality advantages of this property, it also means that you won't have to deal with odours or unpleasant fumes. It doesn't affect the indoor air quality of your home or business establishment. You can resume using the floor immediately the surface dries. 


DOs And DON'Ts Of The Bona Mix And Fill

· DO clean the floor area before application. Sweep or vacuum it, then use the recommended floor cleaner to ensure that you get rid of all the dirt and grime. You don't want to trap it under the Bona Mix And Fill. If you're working on gaps between floor boards, first dig out anything in them- this includes any old fill and accumulated dirt and dust. All that dirt may have been the cause of the old fill cracking and rupturing. You can use a pocket knife or stiff-wire bristle brush, and drag it along the edges between the boards. Be careful not to brush too hard, or create new gouges with the knife.


· DON'T fill the gaps before first sanding the floor. Sand it to the bare wood. 


· DO allow at least 30 minutes drying time after filling the gaps. In case you want to apply additional coats of stain or finish, give it 2-3 hours.


· DON'T use metal filling knives to mix the Bona Mix And Fill with the sanding dust. This will prevent discoloured blade pigments from getting into your mixture.


· DO follow the wood grain when you doing any of the sanding (before and after filling).


· DON'T allow heavy traffic back onto the affected area until at least 24 hours after application.


· DO apply a coat of finish or wood stain after filling the gaps. The Bona Mix And Fill is compatible with any other Bona product. This will enhance the attributes of the wood and prolong its life.


Bona Mix & Fill Plus - Professional results for less!

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