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Bona Novia Floor Lacquer

  • Brand: Bona Products
  • Product Code: BON130
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
€86.09 Ex Tax: €69.99

Bona Novia Floor Varnish

  • 1 component polyurethane water based floor varnish

  • Suitable to use directly on wood surfaces without primer

  • Suitable to use on both, hardwood floors and cork floors

  • Non yellowing, quick drying, superior coverage area

  • Suitable to use on domestic and medium traffic floors

  • NMP & NEP free, VOC 2010 compliant, VOC 60g/ L

  • Superb resistance to traffic, scuff marking & chemicals

  • Bona Novia is available in matt, silk matt and gloss

  • It will cover around 10 square meter per 1L of varnish

  • It can be used on floors, wood profiles, furniture, frames

Bona Novia Floor Varnish - Where to use

A low cost water based polyurethane floor varnish from Bona. Suitable to use on all types of semi solid, solid and cork floors with low/medium footfall. It can also be used to seal wood furniture, wood profile, frames, tables, chairs, etc. It will fully dry within 1-2 hours and it will not yellow over time. Bona Novia Floor Varnish is the ideal floor varnish for domestic wooden floors. It can be applied directly on the wood without a primer. Superb resistance to traffic, scuff marks and general cleaning chemicals.

Bona Novia Floor Varnish - How to use

Sand the floor to remove all pre-existing finishes, vacuum the floor to remove all fine dust particles and make sure that the floor is dry. If you are looking for a natural finish without glazing, use Bona Novia Floor Varnish without a primer. Using a small brush, apply the varnish around the skirting board and all areas where the varnishing roller does not fit. Varnish the larger surfaces with a varnishing roller. Apply generously and allow the floor to absorb whatever amount of varnish it needs & then remove the excess. Wait about 2 hours, then sand the whole surface with 150-180 grit sandpaper, vacuum well and apply 1 more coat of floor varnish. You can apply a third coat without sanding again. Job done.

Bona Novia Floor Varnish is available in matt, silk matt and glossy finishes. If you are looking for a natural finish, use the matt finish, if you are looking for something between matt and gloss, use the silkmatt option & if you are a glossy person, use the glossy varnish. Bona Novia Floor Varnish is not suitable for heavy duty commercial floors. Bona Novia Floor Varnish cannot be applied over oiled or stained wood surfaces.

Bona Novia Floor Varnish

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