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-high quality polish remover designed for wood floors

-highly concentrated product, efficient & durable

-removes most types of wood polishes with ease

-suitable for use on vinyl, lino, tiles, etc


Bona Polish Remover – Where to use

Bona Polish Remover is a multi use floor polish remover that can be used for removing wood floor polishes from many types of wood surfaces. Bona Polish Remover can be used for stripping other types of floor polishes from vinyl floors, lino floors, tiled floors, etc. This high quality polish remover can be used as a tile & grout cleaner for unsealed tiled floors.


Bona Polish Remover – How to use

Bona Polish Remover can remove up to 3 coats of floor polish at once. Apply with a cotton mop all over the floor without over soaking the floor. Allow 3 minutes to work and agitate with a floor scrubber or a semi hard brush. Remove the waste with a wet mop or a wet vac. If there are multiple coats of floor polish on your floor you will need to repeat the operation until the floor is polish free. Do not allow the floor stripper to dry on the floor and use Bona Polish Remover diluted. Test in a corner for compatibility.


Bona Polish Remover – Dilution

Dilute Bona Polish Remover before using it. The dilution ratio will vary from floor to floor and from polish to polish. Floors sealed many times will require a stronger solution. The average dilution ratio for Bona Polish Remover is 1 to 10. If you plan to use Bona Polish Remover as a tile & grout cleaner dilute 1 to 5 and mix with hot water.

Bona Polish Remover – Safety

Bona Polish Remover is a highly active product and requires full protection. Gloves should be worn when handling the product and if you use this strong floor stripper daily wear a fume mask. The stripper in contact with the polish can create a very slippery surface. Do not mix Bona Polish Remover with other cleaning products and make sure you are working in a well ventilated area.


Bona Polish Remover – Recommendation

Like all other Bona products, Bona Polish Remover is a very easy to use product. Use Bona Polish Remover as recommended by the manufacturer and you will enjoy fast and hassle free results. Bona Polish Remover can be used by domestic customers as well and no complicated equipment is required. Bona has a built up a great name in the floor care industry due to its easy to use products and long lasting results. If you require more information about Bona Polish Remover please contact us.



Bona Polish Remover – melts polish on impact!


Bona Polish Remover Guide

Every once in a while you floor needs to be revitalized. Perhaps you want to apply a new finish or redo the polish. Sometimes a procedure goes all wrong during the varnishing process, and you have to remove everything and get it done right. Someone may have committed an awful blunder by applying new polish on a dirty floor. You may have applied a polish coat that isn't compatible with your floor. It may look shiny and wonderful at first, but it'll turn into cloudy and sticky floor-coat nightmare. Don't get frustrated. There's a quick fix for all your troubles. The Bona polish remover gives you a second chance to get things done right. Whether you're fixing past errors, or you simply want to refresh your floor and give it a new start, or return your floor to its original state, the Bona polish remover is the product for you.


You may be a landlord and a former tenant used a polish colour on your tile floor that you want changed before the next tenant arrives. You may even be a realtor looking to redo a piece of property and enhance its value, so as to get you more returns on the sale; or you're a buyer who wants to change the flooring of your new home. Polish removal is not just restricted to home owners. Cleaning companies have to contend with removing heavy build-ups of floor polish on both residential and commercial properties. With the wrong product, the work can span out for hours, and you'll end up damaging the floor and losing your clients. Breaking down layers upon layers of floor polish laid over a number of years requires a powerful product, to save you both time and energy. That's where the Bona polish remover comes in.


What Is Bona Polish Remover?

It's a heavy duty formulation that has been designed to strip the polish off your wood, stone, tile and laminate floors. It's particularly effective in removing Bona polish, for those times when you want to refinish your floor. It's concentrated and non-toxic, and can also be used to remove Bona Freshen Up. The Bona Polish Remover is mainly designed to remove older polishes before you re-varnish (as you can tell from the name), but also works when removing shoe marks, grease and scuff marks. The Bona polish remover is suitable for a wide range of water resistant floors, from varnished wooden floors and tiles to PVC and linoleum.


How To Use The Bona Polish Remover


Before applying the remover, gently shake the bottle for about 30 seconds. To remove the polish, do as follows:


1. The first step depends on the particular product you get. You can get the concentrated one that requires dilution, or go for the newer products that come ready to use. 

The ready to use Bona polish remover does not require any mixing, and you apply it on the floor directly as it is. You'll squirt it from the bottle straight to the floor. 

The other requires you to mix it with water. For polish removal, use a ratio of 1:5 when preparing the solution. (e.g. 1 litre of Bona polish remover mixed with 5 litres of water) The amount of product you'll use depends on the size of floor area that you intend to cover.


2. Test the product on an inconspicuous area before proceeding. This will enable you to ascertain that the product is safe for your floor, and that it'll effectively remove the polish. If you're satisfied with the results, you can continue to the rest of the floor.


3. Apply the solution using spray equipment or a mop. Be careful in case there are any gaps in the floor. Avoid excess amounts of the solution from seeping through the gaps. You can also spread it out on the floor using a cleaning pad.


4. Give it 5 minutes to dissolve the polish. Note that you should not let it dry. If needed, add more Bona polish remover to the area. 


5. Scrub the floor using a scotch pad or a finishing pad. A popular scrubbing technique involves first doing it in a straight line, then working in circles over the same area.


6. Use a mop and a bucket of clean water to remove the polish from your floor. It'll be a dirty solution of old polish, and trapped dirt. Replace the cleaning water frequently. You can also use a terry towel to wipe it up. Alternatively, you can scrub and clean the floor using an auto-scrubber. 


7. Clean the entire floor before you apply a new layer of finish or polish. Ensure that you've cleaned off all traces of the Bona polish remover before applying any new coat of polish.


Note that you may have to apply the Bona polish remover several times depending on how thick the polish coat is. If you want to use the Bona polish remover to get rid of scuff marks, use a dilution ratio of 1 cap of remover product: 100ml of water. Apply the solution to the affected areas, and scrub it using a gentle and non-abrasive scouring pad. Wipe it off and rinse the area.


Tips When Using The Bona Polish Remover

· Vacuum or use a dust pad to eliminate the loose dirt and debris from the floor before you apply the Bona polish remover. It will make the work easier for you, plus you won't end up raising dust into the air, which might cause respiratory problems.


· As you remove the old polish, pay particular attention to the corners. Since they rarely get much traffic, the polish at the corners won't have worn off as much as the rest of the floor, and it'll be thicker. If the polish does not come off with the first application of the Bona polish remover, you can always add more product.


· Ensure you work in a well-ventilated area. At the very least, ensure that the window is open. 


· If you're working on the floor of a commercial property, place the appropriate safety signs around the area. Alternatively, you can seal it off to foot traffic. You don't want people walking over the region, as it'll affect the results.



· Ensure that the floor is completely dry before you apply the next layer of floor finish.

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