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Bona Cleaner 1L

-highly concentrated wood floor cleaner suitable for most wood floors

-superb neutral floor cleaner that will clean without affecting the finish

-suitable to use in conjunction with a mopping system or a machine

-it`s very high dilution ratio makes it very cost effective & long lasting

-bona cleaner is slightly alkaline for better cleaning power


Bona Cleaner – Where to use

Bona Cleaner is a neutral floor cleaner that can be used with success on any type of semi solid or solid wood floors. This magic product can be used on finished and raw wood floors without the risk of dulling the finish. Bona Cleaner can be used on many other types of floors including vinyl, amtico, laminate, tiles, natural stone, etc. Use diluted to achieve the best results.


Bona Cleaner – How to use

Bona Cleaner is a highly concentrated floor cleaner that can be used with all known mopping systems and in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine. Add a small part of Bona Cleaner to your mopping solution and mop your floors as usual. Do not over soak the floors. If you plan to use Bona Cleaner in conjunction with a floor cleaning machine, please respect the recommended dilution ratio and wash your floors as usual. When cleaning wood floors please mix up Bona Cleaner in a standard spray bottle, spray on the flat mop or direct onto the floor and scrub the floor. All types of markings and general dirt will be wiped out.


Bona Cleaner – Dilution

Bona Cleaner is a highly concentrated floor cleaning product that requires dilution to work right. The dilution ratio will vary from job to job and from floor to floor. Very dirty floors will require a more concentrated cleaning solution. When cleaning floors with a floor cleaning machine dilute at least 1 to 100. The usual dilution ratio for polished or glossy floors should not be under 1 to 50. For heavy duty floor cleaning use a dilution of 1 to 20 minimum and never use straight. Bona Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaning product that can react with the existing finish of your floor if used undiluted.


Bona Cleaner – Cost effective

Because Bona Cleaner has such a high dilution ratio it is sure to last for very long periods of time. Also, because Bona Cleaner is a universal floor cleaner, it will be the only product required for all your floor cleaning needs. This professional floor cleaning agent can be used to clean domestic or commercial floors. For under 10€ you can buy 1 litre of Bona Cleaner.


Bona Cleaner – Safety

Bona Cleaner is a highly concentrated floor cleaning product that needs to be stored away from kids and pets. If used regularly gloves should be worn to avoid prolonged contact with your skin which could cause irritation. Use a “wet floor” sign when washing floors in a public area to reduce the risk to slips and falls. Do not mix with other cleaning products.


Bona Cleaner – Recommendation

Here is a professional floor cleaning product that will impress you. Soft on your floor but aggressive on dirt. Bona Cleaner is a product that has made history and is used by millions of people all over the planet. Like all Bona products, Bona Cleaner is an easy to use product that does not require special training. If you are looking for a professional highly concentrated floor cleaner that won`t break the bank, we recommend Bona Cleaner.



Bona Cleaner – floor cleaners don’t get much better than Bona Cleaner!


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