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Bona Cleaning Pad

-superb quality microfiber pad capable of absorbing a lot of moisture

-sustainable design - it can be rewashed up to 500 times time

-suitable for lightly scrubbing finished & unfinished wood floors

-it can be also used for applying sealants, polishes or varnishes

-it will fit any all Bona wood floor cleaning kits & other flat mops

-highly cost effective, easy to use, affordable, easy to use and eco

-measures 46.5cm x 13 cm (465mmx130mm)



Bona Cleaning Pad – Where to use

Bona Cleaning Pad can be used in conjunction with Bona mopping systems but it works as well with other brands of mopping kits. It is suitable for lightly scrubbing polished or unpolished wood floors. It will remove most types of general dirt and floor markings without too much effort. Bona Cleaning Pad has a very easy attaching system that makes pad changing easy and quick. This superb quality microfiber pad can be used for cleaning and polishing tile floors, laminate floors, porcelain floors, painted floors, etc. Bona Cleaning Pad is rough enough to remove dirt but not too rough to scratch the floor. A brilliant quality product suitable for use on prestigious floors as well.



Bona Cleaning Pad – How to use

Spray the right cleaning product for the type of floor that you are planning to clean directly onto the microfiber pad or onto the floor and then scrub the floor. It is recommended to have at least two microfiber pads when you clean a floor, use one for light scrubbing and another one for drying the floor. When you plan to use a Bona Cleaning Pad in conjunction with a cleaning kit, all you need to do is spray the product directly onto the floor and gently scrub the floor until the cleaning product is absorbed by the floor. This high quality microfiber floor pad can be used with ease in hard to reach areas and it will speed up your work.



Bona Cleaning Pad – Cost effective

Bona Cleaning Pad can be washed and re-washed over 3000 times! Two microfiber pads should last any domestic property for at least 5 years. For less than 15€ you will have a product that will last 5 years, kind to your pocket and to the environment.



Bona Cleaning Pad – Recommendation

You are just about to buy one of the best floor pads available. This high quality microfiber pad is sure to make your life easier and will reduce costs dramatically. If you need a quick system to wash your floors daily, you should check out our Bona Floor Cleaning Kit which works in conjunction with Bona Cleaning Pad.




Bona Cleaning Pad – It is a Bona product so you cannot go wrong!

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