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-natural decking oil from Bona

-very quick drying & very durable

-to be applied on new decking only

-apply 2 coats within 4 hours (+-)

-it will fully protect for over 5 years

-organic decking oil from Bona

Bona Decking Oil 2.5L Review

Constant exposure to the elements can take a toll on your deck. From the heat under the scorching sun, the rain beating down on it, all through to the biting cold during those snowy months, the deck can get deteriorated fast. Then there are the punishing effects of ultraviolet (UV) solar radiation, which destroys the natural colour pigmentation of the wood, plus the lignin that binds its fibres together; and the hygroscopic nature of wood that makes it contract and expand depending on the surrounding temperature and humidity conditions. Take the rain water for instance. During the downpours, the water soaks into the wood, causing it to swell. When the wood dries out, it shrinks. These changes cause tiny cracks to start developing. When it rains again, the water will soak in deeper since the cracks will form a pathway. This amplifies the effects, giving your elegant decking the look of a neglected fishing pier. You want to protect your installation from such effects, and you can achieve that with the Bona Decking Oil 2.5L.

Benefits Of The Bona Decking Oil 2.5L

1. Protects the wood
This is its core mandate, and the Bona Decking Oil 2.5L walks the talk. It protects the wood from the bleaching effects of the UV radiation, and even increases the water resistance, preventing water from penetrating the decking and creating cracks. It's a concentrated blend of vegetable oils, that provides long-lasting protection for the decking and other outdoor wood surfaces, reducing the potential of warping and cracking of the wood. The formulation has been modified to enhance its impregnation into the wood, forming a strong bond with the structure.

2. Multiple colours
Aesthetics also factor in. You want your decking protected and looking good all through its prolonged life. With the Bona Decking Oil 2.5L, you get to choose between a neutral look that accentuates the underlying wood grain and natural colouration of the wood, or go with alternatives like Mahogany, Teak, and White hues, each bringing their unique visual appeal to your decking.

3. Fast application, drying and curing
Applying the Bona Decking Oil 2.5L to the wood surface is a breeze, and you can use a wide brush or applicator tools like a Mohair roller. 1-2 coats of product are applied, with a drying time of 30 to 60 minutes between the applications. After the wood is saturated, the surplus oil is wiped off using a cotton cloth. Thereafter, the deck will be ready to handle traffic after 24 hours. In case it rains before this oil has hardened, you can re-apply a thin layer of the product.

4. High coverage rate
The Bona Decking Oil 2.5L has a 20 m²/litre application rate, enabling you to economically cover a wide surface area with each unit purchased. The rate depends on the wood type and the application mode that is used. What`s more, the low VOC content of about 6% in the product makes the oil a safer choice compared to alternatives in the market. Remember to clean the tools you use for the application after you`re done. You can use white spirit for this, and it can also be used to remove the dried material.

Bona decking Oil (clear)

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