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Bona Mega One Floor Lacquer

Bona Mega One Floor Lacquer

-waterbased floor varnish suitable for domestic & commercial traffic

-quick-drying floor varnish available in matt, silk matt, and gloss finish

-can be applied directly onto the wood without the need of priming first

-will cover 10-12 sq meters per 1L, will vary from floor to floor

-two coats system, no fumes, non yellowing and premium elasticity

-to be applied over new or newly sanded wood floors or wood surfaces

-not compatible with oil stains from Bona or any other brand of stains

-apply 1 coat, sand lightly with 150-180 grit sandpaper & apply 2nd coat

-Bona Mega One is of the most popular water based floor varnishes

Bona Mega One Water Based Floor Lacquer - Why Mega One

As always, Bona has come up with a new innovative way to reduce the time needed to refinish a floor. Bona Mega One is a quick-drying water based floor varnish that requires no priming. It can be applied in two coats systems directly on the wood. It reduces costs and shortens the time required to finish a project. Time is money so the less time and less money spent on site, the better the profits for you.

Bona Mega One Water Based Floor Lacquer - Coverage

Bona Mega One will cover anything between 10 to 14 sq meters per L. The first coat will cover less, depending on what type of wood is being sealed, but the second coat will easily do 14 sq meters per 1L. Like any other type of water based floor varnish, the actual coverage will depend on a few factors:

a.       The surface

b.       Sanding quality

c.       Applicator skill

But in any case, you will achieve a much better coverage area than most other types of water based floor varnishes.

Bona Mega One Water Based Floor Lacquer - Where to use

Bona Mega One can be used for sealing all types of semi-solid and solid wood floors and wood surfaces. The varnish is highly recommended for high traffic domestic floors but it can also be used for sealing and protecting low traffic commercial floors. Due to its non-yellowing qualities, it can also be used for sealing furniture, doors, frames, window boards, statues, skirting, etc. One water based varnish for all wood surfaces. 

Bona Mega One Water Based Floor Lacquer - How to use

It is essential that you only apply the floor varnish over new or newly sanded wood surfaces. It is possible to overcoat already sealed wood surfaces but compatibility is not guaranteed. 

1.    Sand the surface well to remove any pre-existing finishes

2.    Vacuum well to remove all the dust and other residues

3.    Using a small brush, start varnishing around the edges

4.    Using a roller, apply a nice thick coat directly on the wood

5.    Wait about 2 hours & then lightly re-sand the whole area

6.    Vacuum well one more time and apply the second coat

7.    Wait about 2-5 hours before using the floor as normal

***Bona Mega One cannot be used for sealing oil wood stains. For overcoating oil stains you should use Bona Traffic HD Two Pack Floor Varnish***

Bona Mega One Floor Lacquer


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