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Bona Mix And Fill Plus

Bona Mix & Fill Plus

-high quality water based wood gap filler from Bona

-Bona Mix & Fill Plus can fill gaps up to 0.5 cm

-premium elasticity, quick drying, non yellowing

-to be mixed up with dust generated from sanding

-can be stained and sealed with floor varnishes

-anti corrosive, light-medium coloured wood floors

-5L of Bona Mix & Fill Plus should cover 20 Sq M

-suitable for commercial and domestic gap filling

Bona Mix & Fill Plus - Why use it

Gaps between floorboards can enhance the look of your wooden floors or can cause a chain of issues. Lights from under the floors could be visible through the gaps, dirt and dust could fall between the gaps and the draught could make the whole area cold. If any of these issue are affecting you, you can fill up the gaps between the floorboards creating a new look and insulating the floor. You do not have to use gap filler, but you can if you want it.

Bona Mix & Fill Plus - Where to use

Bona Mix & Fill Plus can be used to fill gaps between the floorboards. The product will fill up the gap and it will create a perfect smooth surface. Gaps up to 0.5 cm can be filled. To be used to fill only real wood floors. After the gaps are filled and the floor is sanded, you can stain the gap filler or you can just varnish it. If you have used wood dust from the floor itself, the gap filler will have the same colour as the floorboard. Bona Mix & Fill Plus has no colour. The colour will be created by the wood dust.

Bona Mix & Fill Plus - How to use it

Sand the floor to remove all pre existing finishes. After the floor is sealant free, do one more quick sanding and save all the dust. In a bucket, mix up the wood dust with the gap filler until it becomes a thick cream. Apply the cream to the floor with a plastering trowel. If the gaps are large, you will need to apply it in a 2 coats system. Apply 1 coat first to create a base, wait about 2 hours, then mix another mixture, a bit wetter, and do the final leveling. Wait again about 2 hours and sand the floor with fine sandpaper. If the job was done right, whe whole floor should look even and flat with no gaps.

Bona Mix & Fill Plus - Varnishing

After the floor has been sanded and all the gaps are filled, you can apply whatever treatment you want. The gap filler will absorb oil stains and all types of water based and solvent based finishes. If the gaps are bigger than 0.5 cm you can fill them up but they could crack over time. Also, floors with a lot of movement could crack over time.

Bona Mix & Fill Plus

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