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Bona Nordic Tone 5L

Bona Nordic Tone

  • Premium quality white wash or scandinavian wood primer from Bona

  • Can be applied with a brush or a roller over unsealed wood surfaces

  • 100% waterborne, fume free, easy to use and very easy to overcoat

  • To be be sealed with 1 or 2 coats of hardwax floor oil from Bona range

  • It will enhance the wood and it will create a white wash effect on it

  • It can be applied in 1 or more coats all depending on how white you want it

  • Suitable for heavy duty commercial use but also for residential projects

  • It will prevent the wood from yellowing and it will mask light discolorations

Bona Nordic Tone - How to use it

This is a white primer that has to be used on new or newly sanded wood floors before oiling the surface. The primer will penetrate the wood surface without glazing it and it will create a white wash effect. You can apply as many coats as you like but one coat is usually enough to transform the wood. The more coats you apply, the whiter the floor gets. Bona Nordic Tone cannot be overcoated with a water based varnish or lacquer. Use Bona Hardwax Oil to seal it. The surface has to be sealant free, dry and dust free. Apply one coat of Bona Nordic Tone with a varnishing roller. Use a small brush for edges and all hard to reach areas. Allow 3 to 5 hours to dry before applying the hardwax oil over it. You can do 2 coats of hardwax oil for maximum protection. Take 12 hours break between the coats of hardwax oil

Bona Nordic Tone - Where to use it

Bona Nordic Tone looks at its best when applied on bright or lightly coloured types of wood. The product is not really compatible with cherry or walnut wood floors. Bona Nordic Tone covers around 50 sq meters of floor per 5L, it is odour free, non yellowing and amazingly easy to use.

Bona Nordic Tone

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