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Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop

-the easiest way to clean oiled wood floors

-just press the trigger on the handle to spray & wipe

-the kit contains all you need to clean oiled floors

-frame, velcro pad holder, microfibre pad & 1L of cleaner

-suitable for commercial and domestic floors

-the cartridge can be easily refiled with cleaner

-will reach all “hard” to reach floor areas

-light, versatile & made from rust free materials

-the safest way to maintain oiled floors

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop - Why the spray mop

Most people who have oiled wood floor have no idea how to properly maintain them. As a result, most oiled floors will become damaged in a short space of time and will not last for as long as they should. By using Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop you avoid using too much water on your floors, you avoid using the wrong product on your floors and you reduce the amount of time and tools needed for daily cleaning and maintenance. No more mops, no more chemicals, no more buckets and no more time wasted. Just spray and wipe.

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop - How to use

All Bona products and mops are manufactured with one purpose, easy use and fast results. Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop ticks all the boxes. All you have to do is make sure that the spray mop is assembled correctly and you are ready to go. On the handle of the frame there is a trigger. When you press the trigger, a fine mist of the oiled floor cleaner will be released through the front nozzle directly onto the floor. The pad will slightly scrub the floor and it will be also absorb the cleaning product. The floor will be left dry and streak free. Beautiful natural finish.

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop - Where to use

You can use Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop on all types of oiled or waxed wood floors. Not suitable for cleaning tiles or any other types of floors because the product contains a blend of oils and waxes that could make other types of floor slippery. Highly recommended for domestic and light commercial use. 

By using Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop you will be sure that you are maintaining your oiled floors right, you are reducing waste, using less tools and you will be working less to achieve better results. So many reasons to use Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop. The spray mop kit is sold for a very reasonable price but in the long run it will prove to be a great investment.

Bona Oiled Floor Spray Mop

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