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Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus 5L

  • Top of the range hardwood floor cleaner and sport room floor cleaner

  • Safe to use on all types of lacquered and varnished hardwood floors

  • Highly concentrated, it requires dilution before use, no added perfume

  • Can be used with a standard mopping system or a scrubber drier

  • Low foam, leaves no residue behind, streak free technology 100%

  • Removes synthetic materials caused by shoe soles and the like, eco labeled

  • Removes certain types of handball glue, degreases high traffic floors

Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus 5L - Where to use

The most efficient and most highly recommended hardwood floor cleaner from the Bona range. This product is used on a daily basis by a number of international sport arenas, indoor basketball courts and thousands of sport rooms all over the world. A safe but highly effective floor cleaner and degreaser suitable for manual cleaning or mechanical cleaning with a scrubber drier. The product removes dirt on impact and protects & enhances the finish of the floor. It can be used on domestic and commercial floors. It can be used on all types of hardwood sport room floors.

Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus 5L - How to use

This highly recommended hardwood floor cleaner can be used for deep cleaning projects or daily wood floor cleaning. It requires a dilution of about 1 to 100 before use. At its best when used with a professional scrubber drier but it can also be used with a manual mopping system. Some badly affected areas might require a pre-spray before cleaning. Wet the flat mopping system and wash the floor as usual. Always go with the fibre of the wood to avoid water leaking between the joints of the wood. Instant results will be visible. 

For large hardwood floor areas and sport rooms use the new Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus 5L. It reduces the workload and it protects the floor. Always remember to dry the floor fast to avoid water damage.

Bona Sportive Cleaner Plus 5L

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