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Bona OxyPower Wood Floor Deep Cleaner Spray

Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner 1L

  • Oxypower wood floor cleaning detergent from Bona

  • Suitable for heavy duty wood floor cleaning projects

  • The most powerful wood floor cleaner from the Bona range

  • Designed to remove heavy duty dirt build-up & residue

  • The oxygenated formula releases thousands of bubbles

  • Powered by hydrogen peroxide, 100% eco certified

  • Use it with the Bona OxyPower Microfiber Cleaning pad

  • Suitable to use on all varnished and polished wood floors

Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner 1L - Where to use

This is the most powerful wood floor cleaning detergent from the Bona range. This heavy duty wood floor cleaning product will safely remove even the toughest type of dirt from your wooden floors. Powered by Oxypower Hydrogen Peroxide, the product will start bubbling up the second it touches the wood surface. The dirt will soften up due to its Oxypower technology and it will start exfoliating from your floors. Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner 1L is 100% Eco, Greenguard Gold Certified. It can be used on all wooden floors that were sealed with a lacquer or a floor polish. 

Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner 1L - How to use

Due to the amazing active ingredients, the product does not require a lot of contact with the wood surface. Just spray it all over the surface and wipe with a flat mopping system. For very dirty floors, use with the new Bona Oxypower Microfiber Deep Cleaning Pad. The pad has a scourer within its fibre to help agitate and break heavy duty impregnated dirt. Highly recommended for cleaning commercial wooden floors with a lot of traffic or domestic floors. It will leave the surface streak free and spotless. 

Do not put up with cheap wood floor cleaning products that provide no results. Work less and achieve outstanding results with  Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner 1L. No need to use mops, buckets, chemicals or water. Just spray and wipe!

Bona Wood Floor Deep Cleaner 1L

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