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Bona Wood Floor Polish

Bona Wood Floor Polish

-heavy duty polish suitable for commercial & domestic use

-quick drying water based wood floor polish/sealer

-seals and  protects all types of hardwood floors

-to be applied with a flat mopping system from Bona

-will repair small dull patches and waterproof

-superior resistance to high traffic and cleaning products

-1L of Bona Wood Floor Polish will cover around 30 sq m

-non yellowing, responds well to buffing, streak free

Bona Wood Floor Polish - Why Bona

Bona Wood Floor Polish is a nearly invisible water based floor polish. This product was designed to repair small dull patches and to waterproof wooden floors. To be applied in areas with high traffic to prevent permanent damage to the wood surface. The product will penetrate the wood very deep and it will increase the protection instantly. It can be used for sealing oil based and water based floor finishes. Bona Wood Floor Polish Matt is the ideal water based wood floor polish for fancy prestigious wood floors. 

Bona Wood Floor Polish - Where to apply it

You can use Bona Wood Floor Polish on any type of hardwood and semi solid wood floor that was sealed with a water based or a solvent based varnish/lacquer. Not suitable for sealing oiled or waxed wood floors. Bona Wood Floor Polish Matt can also be used for sealing vinyl, lino, marmoleum, marble, tiles, ceramic & laminate floors. 

Bona Wood Floor Polish - How to use it

Deep clean the surface with a decent degreaser or a heavy duty floor cleaner to remove all types of dirt deposits and greasy patches. If you have sealed the floor before and the surface looks patchy now, you will have to remove all pre-existing finishes before applying a new coat of floor polish. Use Bona Remove to remove any pre-existing floor polish. 

  1. Using a flat mopping system apply 1 thin coat all over the floor

  2. Wait 2-3 hours for the polish to dry and then you can do a second coat

  3. 1 coat could be enough but two coats are possible

  4. Buff the floor well the next day (if a floor buffer is available)

Bona Wood Floor Polish - Maintenance

After your floor is sealed with Bona Wood Floor Polish , you will need to properly maintain it to keep it looking great. Try to use proper wood floor cleaning products and avoid using bleach based floor cleaning products or high PH floor cleaning products. A flat mopping system is the ideal way of cleaning/maintaining a wooden floor. Avoid dragging heavy furniture on the floor and install leg covers on your sofa.

Bona Wood Floor Polish

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