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Bona Wood Floor Refresher

  • Quality wood floor refresher and gloss restorer

  • To be applied over varnished wood floors only

  • Masks small imperfections and scratches

  • 1L will cover around 30 square meter of floor

  • Semi gloss finish, water based, quick drying

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic sealing

  • Can be recoated with water based lacquer

  • Contains no waxes, polyurethane based

Bona Wood Floor Refresher - Where to use

A polyurethane water based wood floor refresher from Bona. This product will repair all types of small imperfections and scratches and it will make old floors look like new again. It can be used on all types of wooden floors that were finished with a varnish/lacquer or polished with a water based floor polish. Bona Wood Floor Refresher contains no waxes so overcoating with varnish is possible. The product has superb durability and it will increase the periods between floor refinishing. Not suitable for waxed or oiled wood floors. A quick drying wood floor refresher with superior coverage area.

Bona Wood Floor Refresher - How to use

First of all, you will need to assess the job and make sure that the surface that you plan to seal is not oiled or waxed. If you are fully satisfied that it is a varnish, you can start preparing the surface:

  • Deep clean the floor with Bona Cleaner to remove all grease, grime & impregnated dirt

  • Allow about 1 hour to fully dry and then prepare for polishing

  • Use a flat mopping system and a short hair microfiber cloth from Bona

  • Apply the first coat of refresher going along the fibre of the wood until it all looks wet

  • Do not walk on the floor for at least 1 hour until the floor look fully dry

  • A second coat can be done but is not always needed

Bona Wood Floor Refresher - Recommendations

Clean all your tools after the floor is refreshed. Do not pull or drag heavy furniture on the floor for at least 24 hours. Install special pads on your sofa legs and all the chairs. Maintain and clean your floor with proper products from Bona. Bona Wood Floor Spray mop is the ideal tool for cleaning wooden floors.

Bona Wood Floor Refresher

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