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-one of the toughest two component water based varnishes in the world

-it will last for years even on floors with huge traffic and daily deep cleaning

-suitable for use in pubs, restaurants, airports, schools, public buildings etc.

-comes with a special hardener that is designed to make it even tougher

-no other varnish in the world provides the same level of protection

-very low odour, very low VOCs – under 125 & very fast drying time

-it can be cleaned with all standard cleaning methods


Bona Traffic HD  – Where to use

Bona Traffic HD Varnish is one of the toughest water based floor varnishes in the world. No other high traffic varnish even compares to the protection that Bona Traffic HD Varnish provides. This superb water based varnish was created to replace the old solvent and oil based floor varnishes that had very strong odours and required days and days to fully dry. Bona Traffic HD Varnish provides the same level of protection but without the bad odour or long drying times. Bona Traffic HD Varnish can be used on any type of semi solid or solid wood floors. It is not recommended for application over existing floor varnishes but it is possible. It will work best if applied over new floors or newly sanded floors. Apply at least two coats of Bona Traffic HD Varnish to enjoy its full protection.


Bona Traffic HD Varnish – How to use

Bona Traffic HD Varnish is a water based floor varnish. Before applying this magic varnish please make sure that the floor is clean, dry and dust free. You can apply Bona Traffic HD Varnish with a special varnish applicator, a roll, a brush or a microfiber pad. Apply thin coats and allow time to dry between recoating. Achieving that beautiful smooth finish is not as easy as it looks and a bit of training is required. Apply the initial coat and after the floor is fully dry you will have to re sand it with a very soft sand paper (120 to 150 grit) to get rid of all small spikes that will create drag on your floor if not sanded. When the floor is fully sanded, these spikes are not visible to the naked eye but in contact with the Bona Traffic HD Varnish they will get hard and will affect the floor finish. After you have applied the first coat of varnish you are ready to apply the second coat. Hoover the floor to make sure there are no dust particles and then you are ready for the second coat. Apply one thin coat of Bona Traffic HD Varnish and allow time to dry. It should be ready for use within 2 hours. On commercial high traffic floors a third coat of Bona Traffic HD Varnish might be required.


Bona Traffic HD Varnish – Know what you are doing

Bona Traffic HD Varnish is a water based varnish and requires no dilution. The fact that it is a water based does not mean that it is soft or that it can be washed away. In fact, Bona Traffic HD Varnish is one of the toughest varnishes ever made. It will outlast solvent based varnishes. When you buy Bona Traffic HD Varnish you will need to mix the polish with the hardener that needs to be added to the varnish to make it rock hard. Assess the job and decide how much varnish you might need because after you mix the varnish with the hardener you only have about 3 to 4 hours to use it before it gets hard inside the container. Do not apply Bona Traffic HD Varnish over wet surfaces or over surfaces that are not fully dry from the initial coating.


Bona Traffic HD Varnish – Maintenance

You just had your floors varnished with the best varnish in the world. Now you need to take care of it. Millions of people and businesses enjoy the full protection that Bona Traffic HD Varnish provides and have been for years. But to maintain your floors as they are you must clean your floors regularly, avoid over soaking the floor and avoid using corrosive cleaning products. The best floor cleaning product to clean floors that were varnished with Bona Traffic HD Varnish is Bona Wood Floor Cleaner in conjunction with the Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop. This floor cleaner will lightly clean the floor and will enhance the natural beauty of your floors. Do not vacuum the floor without using the brush and never use the same mop for all your floors.


Bona Traffic HD Varnish – Cost effective

Bona Traffic HD Varnish costs a bit more than the standard water based varnishes but the price is fully justified by the long life expectancy. A floor varnished with Bona Traffic HD Varnish will last at least double the length of time than if it was varnished with a cheaper varnish. It will increase the periods between floor sanding and it will avoid disrupting in your business. Bona Traffic HD Varnish is the no 1 option in Ireland for commercial floor sanding. If you are considering having your floors varnished why not ask your floor sanding contractor to use Bona Traffic HD Varnish? You will be glad that you did.


Bona Traffic HD Varnish – Recommendation

If you are a floor sanding contractor and if you want to impress your customers please try Bona Traffic HD Varnish. The quality of the finish and the durability is unequalled. If you are a domestic customer looking for a tough water based varnish to take all the wear and tear please try Bona Traffic HD Varnish. You can buy this superb water based varnish in matte, satin & gloss finish. It is up to yourself but the glossy finish is recommended for the commercial market only.


Bona Traffic HD Varnish – the toughest varnish in the world is waiting for you!


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