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Bona White Primer


-quality primer from Bona designed to create the white washed effect

-suitable to apply on new wood floors or newly sanded wood floors

-to be applied with a roller or a special Bona primer or oil applicator

-this floor primer is compatible with all known types of wood surfaces

-it can be used with ease by professional or people with no training

-it can be sealed with any type of waterbased floor varnish from Bona

-you can apply between 1 to 2 coats of primer & 1 or 2 coats of varnish

-5 l will cover around 60 to 70 sq meter but it can vary from floor to floor


Bona White Primer Review

Do you love white floors? Are you looking for a light wash that exposes the wood grain, or a full-on tint? White exudes sophistication and grandiose. Its blends with numerous colour schemes, which gives you a wide range of choices to make the backdrop pop- whether it’s paintwork on the walls, or accents that are testament to your style. Your cabinets, chandeliers and furnishings stand out. It brightens up the ambience. Your establishment becomes warm and inviting. You get to be comfortable in your home, and impress customers and staff at your business premises. Channel your inner Scandinavian by getting the Bona White Primer for your floor.


There's more to a primer than beauty. Take durability for instance. How long will the rich colouration last? Can it be scrubbed off? No doubt you want a hue that will withstand the heavy traffic and abuse that a floor receives. You also want a product that is safe to use. Today, when it comes to floor maintenance, people are increasingly getting concerned with the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the products they purchase, which end up getting into the air they breathe. You want a product that you can use in your home without being worried about risks to the health of your family, or lawsuits from your customers and employees at the workplace. In addition, how well can the primer bond with topcoats? You want to be guaranteed superior results. That's the mantle of the Bona White Primer. 


Benefits Of The Bona White Primer

1. Gives you the hue you desire

With the Bona White Primer, you can get anything from a white-washed look that maintains the impression of the raw, untreated wood, all through to a deep white tint for your wood floor. It all depends on the number of coats you apply. You can create a calm, soothing décor, or get the white coloration that creates an open air feeling- which makes the furnishings, accent colours, and artwork leap right out to you. There's a reason why numerous art galleries go for all white walls and floors. It makes the rooms feel light, uplifting and serene. It also gets rid of the competition between the art and accent colour. Your eyes seamlessly go from one image, texture and colour to the next. You can bring this effect to your home or commercial space. With the Bona White Primer, you get to achieve the results that are suited to your establishment, and satisfy your taste. Are you looking to create a Scandinavian style on your floor? Then this is the product for you. The Bona White Primer also reduces the yellowing of your wood, enabling it to maintain its new and fresh look and feel for longer. 


2. Multipurpose

You can use the Bona White Primer on wood and parquet floors. It's suitable for everything from oak and maple, to pine, spruce and beech, and works with the strip planks and parquet blocks that have been laid in falling lengths. In addition, with the Bona White Primer, a little goes a long way. You can use 1L on 10-12 m² of floor space. This enables you to reduce your floor maintenance budget.


3. Protects your floors

The Bona White Primer enhances the durability of your floor. It increases the ability to withstand incessant foot traffic, and also won’t be scrubbed away as you wash the floor. The primer sets the surface up to be effectively sealed using the protective lacquer of your choice. It evens out the grain, and fixes those scuffs and marks that you want to eliminate from the surface. The dried surface of the Bona White Primer will physically and chemically bond with the lacquer. This adds to attributes such as the stain resistance of the surface. This further enhances the life of your floor.


4. Easy to use

The Bona White Primer has been designed for easy application with your roller. It works with both microfiber and fleece rollers. The fast drying time also cuts down on the level of interruption in your establishment, allowing you to resume your daily lives as soon as possible. You also don't want to wait for an entire day after applying a primer for you to be able to apply the topcoat. Within 2-3 hours under normal temperature and humidity conditions, the Bona White Primer coats will have dried. It will be ready to be top-coated.


5. Meets global and regional safety standards

This waterborne primer is eco-friendly and is safe to use in both residential and commercial establishments. It has a low VOC content- with a maximum of max 60 g/lit- preserving the indoor air quality of your establishment. In fact, its GreenGuard certification is testament that the Bona White Primer has met some of the world's most comprehensive and rigorous tests to ensure that it has low chemical emissions. It is also DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik)-approved as a safe building product.


How To Use The Bona White Primer

1. Prepare the floor. You're giving it a fresh start. The goal here is to get rid of previous treatments, hence the floor will need to be sanded down to the bare wood. Remove the sanding dust, and clean off contaminates like dirt and wax. 

2. Apply the Bona White Primer. Ensure that the coat is uniform, to avoid accumulation on different segments of the surface, which results in colour variation. 

3. Allow at least a 2-hour drying time.

4. Sand using a grit of 150 or higher to reduce the grain raise. You can use a sanding screen or the Bona Scrad system. 

5. Apply the second coat.

Repeat steps 3 -5 for the different number of coats, to get you the colouration you desire for your floor. 3 coats of the Bona White Primer are usually sufficient for a truly white impression.

Tips For Using The Bona White Primer

· It's recommended that you combine the Bona White Primer with a Natural, Extra Matt or even Matt Bona lacquer for stunning results. For instance, for the natural wood impression you can apply 1 coat of the primer and 2 coats of the lacquer; for the white tint look use 2-3 primer coats with 1 lacquer coat.

· Plan the application for days with suitable conditions for the drying time. The higher the temperature and lower the humidity, the faster the coats will dry. Optimal conditions are 18-25C (temperature) and 30-60% RH (relative air humidity). Avoid application when it’s below 13C.

· Shake the Bona White Primer container before use.


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