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-high quality waterborne wood floor polish

-great scuff & marking resistant

-affordable & very cost effective

-suitable for floors with high traffic

-easy to apply & easy to maintain

-high coverage quality


Bona Wood Floor Polish – Where to use

If you own solid or semi solid wood floors you can enjoy the benefits of Bona Wood Floor Polish. This high quality wood floor polish can be used on any type of semi or solid wood floors. You can use Bona Wood Floor Polish to seal finished or unsealed wood floors. Some laminate floors can be also sealed with Bona Wood Floor Polish.


Bona Wood Floor Cleaner – How to use

The way you will apply the polish on your floor will depend upon the polish life expectancy. Deep clean the floor and remove all dust particles and dirt from the floor. Allow time to fully dry and then apply 1 coat of Bona Wood Floor Polish by using a microfiber applicator. It should dry within 30 minutes but sometimes it might take longer. Apply a second coat of floor polish after the initial coat is fully dry. Bona Wood Floor Polish will enhance the look of your floor and it will provide a great barrier against dirt and markings.


Bona Wood Floor Polish – Maintenance

The most important thing after you have had your floor sealed is the maintenance. You will need to clean your floors with a neutral floor cleaner like Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and a microfiber pad. Avoid wetting the floor or using corrosive cleaning products.


Bona Wood Floor Polish – Recommendation

Bona Wood Floor Polish comes in gloss and matte finishes. It is up to you to decide what type of finish is required. Both types of finishes are very hard wearing and long lasting. Bona Wood Floor Polish is one of the most widely used wood floor polishes in Ireland. Affordable, durable & beautiful, all in one product.



Bona Wood Floor Polish – the best wood floor polish available!



A hardwood floor is an outstanding option for flooring in diverse environments. In a domestic surrounding, it provides an air of professionalism and sophistication while in the domestic setup; it offers the warm homely vibe many people go all-out for. It's rather not a cost effective option but the overall benefits it brings to your home, and commercial setup trumps the overall cost.

Everybody clearly comprehends that wood floors are highly durable, but quite relatively, that profound polished and shiny finish qualifies it to be a very tricky kind of flooring to take care effectively and maintain. There are many variables that cause wood flooring to lose its sleek polished finish, for instance, walking on the surface of the floor with high-heeled sharp pointed shoes, dragging furniture when moving them from one place to another and walking on top with dirt. All these variables can be mitigated by avoiding the factors mentioned above.

When looking to protect and care for your wooden floor at the same time giving it that glossy and shiny appearance, wood floor polish would go a long way. Wood floor polish is neither a cleaner, stain nor a permanent finish. Wood floor polish is a protective layer habitually made of wax or urethane, and its main purpose is to offer protection and shine to the permanent finish. It's thus intended to be applied to clean surfaces. There are numerous varieties of wood floor polish available in the marketplace, but the best and effective one is Bona Wood Floor Polish. Bona Wood Floor Polish is non-toxic, easy-to-use and offers quicker drying timelines.

Bona Wood Floor Company has a very rich history. Walking down memory lane, you will discover that it was founded in 1894 as a grocery store in Malmo, Sweden by a 26-year-old Wilhelm Edner. He mainly sold coffee in it. The business thrived, and the 1910s witnessed the introduction of floor wax – a totally new product concept in the Swedish marketplace. In a span of five years, floor polish, dry floor cleaner, waxing equipment, mop oil and other products were incorporated into the brand. First forward to 90 years later, those humble beginnings have transformed into a company that sets the bar and leads the industry globally.

With Bona Wood Floor Polish Company, you are guaranteed of consistency, high quality, and novelty. Bona's apprehension for health and environment and their exclusive focus are testimony to their commitment. This commitment is particularly witnessed in the longevity of their quality products. That's why Bona Wood Floor Polish Company has been trusted by consumers since 1919.

There are many reasons why you must choose Bona Wood Floor Polish for your ultimate wood floor solution:
It has a unique appearance and quite easy to apply

Bona Wood Floor Polish is produced by a reputable company who minds about your floor and cares about the safety of the environment.
It smooth and so it fills into micro scratches where other types of polish would not penetrate
Bona Wood Floor products work evenly well for pre-finished and site finished floors
The fact that Bona Wood Floor Polish is not waterborne prevents it from emitting fumes that may be potentially harmful to your health.
For those lazy people, this brand does not require buffing after application
Bona Wood Floor Polish is ready-to-use as there is no diluting, mixing and no need for a bucket.
Bona Wood Floor Polish waterborne formulas are PH neutral, non-toxic and safe to use
The end product is glossy without building up like most wood floor polishes do.

Effective Steps on How to Use Bona Wood Floor Polish
The first and most important step is to clean your floor. As mentioned earlier, wood floor polish is not a floor cleaner and should, therefore, be applied to a clean surface. Make sure you utilize the clean applicator too. The best results will be realized by thorough vacuuming before wood polish application.
Immediately the floor is perfectly cleaned, measure the floor to ascertain accurately the total square footage and the amount of polish needed.
Remove all furniture, rags and any obstruction from the wood surface and close all doors and windows keeping airflow to a minimum.
You can now remove the cleaning pad from the mop base and dampen a little and attach it back afterward.
Rock the Bona Wood Floor Polish container back and forth before opening and apply it on the floor in a wavy formation, a small section at one time.
Conveniently spread the entire polish on the entire area moving across the grain ensuring that the entire wood floor section is adequately covered. Then smooth out the Bona Wood Floor Polish moving along the grain.

Repeat the same procedure on the next section of the floor until the entire floor is completely covered
Give it at least 2 hours before you start moving around it. For heavy traffic and moving back the furniture, give it 24 hours. It really is that easy to keep your floors looking their best with Bona Wood Floor Polish. You are at liberty to add a second layer of Bona Wood Floor Polish after 2 hours as this will give the extra gloss. If you make it habitual to apply Bona Wood Floor Polish every couple months, you might not need the second application in your successive applications.

Things to Put Into Perspective When Using Bona Wood Floor Polish
If you experienced not such good results, it's probable that you never followed instructions to the latter. You must at all times remember that wood floor polish is not a protective layer, and so you need to begin with an absolutely clean surface; otherwise you will be applying polish over dust and the best results will definitely not manifest.

It's also advisable to not apply this polish over recently waxed or oiled floor. Recently waxed or oiled floor inhibits the wood floor polish from accurately mating to the wood surface. If your wood floor is rigorously cleaned before polish application, perfect results will be showed.
Bona Wood Floor Polish is also not advised to be applied on unfinished floors. Whilst polish adds a sense of protection; it's specifically manufactured to be applied on recently finished floors.

It's imperative to read all instructions and precautions before you start using Bona Wood Floor Polish. Take special note to clean the parts where you'll be applying the polish. Use the correct clean applicators. Apart from achieving fabulous results, you'll protect your costly hardwood floor investment.
It's also important to note that you can use Bona Wood Floor Polish for tiles, stones, and laminate flooring. So suffice to explore a little.
Bona Wood Floor Polish Products and Cleaning Tools

Hard Wood Floor Cleaners
Bona Hard Wood Floor Cleaners are specially manufactured for effective and efficient cleaning of clean surfaces. It has a residue-free formula that absolutely cushions your hard wood investment. Bona Hard Wood Floor Cleaner is equally safe for your pets and family at large.
Stone Tile & Laminate Cleaners
Stone Tile & Laminate Cleaners represents the most effective option for easy cleaning of hard sealed floor surfaces. It's also gentle on the floor and safe for your family and environment.

Hard Wood Floor Mops & Accessories
The Bona Hard Wood Floor Mops & Accessories are long lasting, effective, efficient, ready and easy to use.
Other Household Cleaners
There is an array of other Bona household cleaning solutions you can find by just a few clicks of a button. They are equally efficient, effective and safe to use at home. They are also environmentally friendly.
Wood and Other Surface Polishes
Bona's collection of wood floor polishes is astounding. They have an extended shelf life, friendly to human, pets and environment. They also boast of quicker drying timelines.

Bona Pro Series
The Bona Pro Series is so potent and specially formulated compare with other wood polish products.
Bona Craftsmanship
What sets Bona Wood Floor Polish apart as a brand is the level of experience and expertise of their personnel. They look out for the most qualified craftsmen to work with. Bona Certified craftsmen are duly certified by the relevant authorities, have a proven track record, handpicked and adequately trained in their area of expertise.

The personnel here are a perfect definition of loyalty. They give their all towards the greater prosperity of the company by making sure consumers get the best product possible. The personnel deliberately take up continuous Bona training to stay afloat on the industry's best procedures and practices and undergo thorough tests to ensure you as a customers get products that meet maximum quality expectation. So you can completely trust a Bona Craftsman with your wood floor makeover.
6 Prime Factors to Consider When Choosing Wood Floor Cleaning Products
Before applying the Bona Wood Floor Polish, we outlined the need to clean the wood surfaces thoroughly. Below are the factors to keep in mind when buying wood floor cleaning products;

All natural
With all the marketing gimmicks and hype surrounding wood floor cleaning products, you may be overwhelmed on which product to go for. Well, to save you the hassle, always go for wood floor cleaning products that have natural properties and contain minimal synthetic elements. What would help you notice, whether it's synthetic, is taking a closer look at the label? The label gives a comprehensive account of the ingredients used in the wood floor cleaning product, and you'll be able to comfortable distinguish genuine from fake products.
Lack of Abrasive Substances

When buying wood floor cleaning products before applying the wood floor polish, you need to put emphasis on wood floor cleaners that don't contain any harsh abrasive substance. When talking about wood, abrasives are considered the most destructive elements. It's natural that products containing abrasives offer a cleaner surface, but in the long run, it will eat away the protective layer of wood hence rapidly increasing tear and wear. For the short term, it may be impressive, but for the long term, it could prove catastrophic.
Mild cleaning agents

Cleaning wood floor surfaces shouldn't necessarily bust your budget and involve concentrated cleaning products. In fact mopping your wood floor using a wet rag sporadically could be convenient. Moreover, if you are contemplating further rigorous cleanup, you may well go for the mild cleaning agents as they are less likely to damage the wood floor surface and the wood floor polish in the end.
User and eco-friendly
Before any major purchase decision on wood floor cleaning product, it's paramount to understand its health and environment effects. The best cleaners are manufactured by utilizing tested and approved compounds declared to be safe to humans and the environment.
Should Contain Disinfectants

Getting your wood floor clean goes beyond getting rid of stains, dust, dirt and other noticeable debris. It also centers on leaving the wood floor hygienic. This will especially be important to homes where kids and pets crawl over repeatedly. When looking to purchase cleaning products, ensure to purchase those containing disinfectants. Disinfectants aid in removing bacteria and germs which might be hidden in cracks, joints, edges and other micro crevices.
Enhances the luster

The beauty of wood flooring is in it gloss or shine. It's awesome if the glossy appearance can stay that way. To maintain the gloss, you'll need to go for cleaning products that enhance the sheen. A number of products may come handy with a separate pack; others may include unique compounds that go a long way towards increasing the glossiness of wood surfaces during cleaning.
Although to a few people cleaning wood floor themselves is not an enjoyable undertaking, it's an important task that must be carried out on a regular basis. Regular cleaning of wood floors not only ensures the surfaces stays clean but also improves the ambiance of the house. By practicing to choose quality products, you have a great chance of attaining ultimate satisfaction and peace of mind.
Oiled-Based and Water-Based Wood Floor Polishes
Choosing between oil-based and water-based wood floor polish should not be a daunting task. The best choice depends entirely on your first decision when applying polish on your wood floor. If you chose to utilize water-based floor polish, then go along way with it and vice versa.

Evaluating Your Choice
If you haven't decided yet about the pain to embrace, there are critical factors that could make your buying decision easier. Oil-based wood floor polishes have been in existences for quite a long time and are considered more conventional. In contrast, water-based paints are the newest technology and more frequently used in commercial settings. For comprehensive evaluation, here are a few pointers:

Prices of wood polish will considerably vary depending on brand and installer. But generally, water-base wood floor polishes are more costly compared with oil-based wood floor polish. Water-based polish may need up to 3 coats to achieve satisfactory results which contribute more to their cost.

The durability strength of wood polish lies purely in its capability to offer protection for the wood below. Water-based and oil-based wood floor polishes do an excellent job in that regard. Both polishes, however, seem to manifest wear and scratch marks over time. Oil-based wood floor polishes are durable in their own way. They will not exhibit wear or scratch marks for a long time because they don't provide the glossy finish to be etched. The only drawback is that the wood floor surface will be susceptible to impact marks due to lack of glossy protective layer.

Drying timelines
Water-based wood polishes take less time to dry up plus they don't have strong odors. On the other hand, oil-based paints require longer spells to dry up and require maximum ventilation to dispel the odors. With oil-based wood polish, you can't walk on it till the final coat of polish hardens. With water-based wood floor polish, it takes less than 3 hours for traffic to resume.

Feel and Look
Both water-based and oil-based wood floor finish offer protective layer for the wood floor surface. The added layers add visible gloss to the wood. A marked difference can be seen on the amber tint of oil-based polish compared with the clearness of water-based polish. If, however, you are keen on maintaining the color of the wood for your floor, the water-based wood floor polish will be adequate. Water-based polish goes on the wood clear and stays clear. You should, however, keep in minds that water-based wood polish can be available with golden/amber color enhancers. Also, oil-based polishes do not only dry on the surface of the wood but also permeate into the wood and harden it.

Environmental impact
The major concern of wood floor polishes is they emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the environment that can result in health complications if inhaled for an extended duration. Both oil-based and water-based wood floor polish emit the Volatile organic compounds during and after application. However, oil-based wood floor finishes release significantly more Volatile Organic Compounds compared to Water-based wood floor polish. The manufacturers have recognized this concern and are now producing products with less VOC emissions.

Water-based wood floor polishes provide a choice of finish for you, gloss or satin. A gloss or shiny option for that matter will need an additional coat, whilst a satin option will leave behind a cloudy, hazy finish. Satin and Gloss finishes are the only alternatives for wood floors that are cured with polyurethane.

In the end, the choice of water-based wood floor polish and oil-based wood floor will greatly be pegged on your lifestyle needs and what you need for your wood floor.

Bona Green-Wood Floor Polish
When it comes to innovating green or eco-friendly wood floor polish products, Bona leads the pack. The newest and enhanced Bona Free & Simple® Hardwood Floor Cleaner is already certified asthma & allergy friendly. It's been duly certified by AAF, which is an acronym for Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

The newest formula provides an efficient and effective wood floor cleaning solution which helps reduce irritations and allergies that are commonplace with the application of floor polish. The product is free of scents and dyes, no dilution required and safer for the wood floor and family.
Bona also boasts of having unleashed the first care and comprehensive hardwood floor finishing system certified by the GREENGUARD Gold. The prime certification is a consumer guarantee that the product is beautiful, durable and eco-friendly for wood floors.
Working in conjunction with GREENGUARD and Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Bona has been able to tap environmentally friendly raw materials to produce products that are free from harmful compounds which will go along towards benefitting the consumers and professionals.

Choosing the Best Wood Floor
It will be noteworthy to consider the following points when selecting the best wood floor for your home
The Size of Room

Choosing a wood floor will greatly depend on upon the room which the wood floor is to be installed. Plank size and wood finish must be decided by the size of the room. Narrow-width boards and lighter colors will visually increase the size of a small room. For larger rooms to feel more appealing and warmer, opt for wider boards and darker wood tones.
Design and Colors
Once the size of the room needs has been fulfilled, it's time to correctly coordinate the color of the room and the wood schemes. The wood scheme must not dominate the room but compliment it. The wood flooring styles and the planking must also conform to your decorating styles.

The wood flooring quality you choose must at all times meet and exceed your projected traffic flow for the room. You can be a little creative by matching the flow of traffic with your choice pattern. You must also note that the natural flow of light and the artificial light will certainly affect the appearance of the floor. It is important to buy wood floor color that will bring harmony between natural and artificial lighting.

When out there looking for wood floor polish to accomplish your house makeover needs, ensure you do a thorough and meticulous research. You must be in the know of what kind of wood polish matches your wooden floor; otherwise, you may experience negative results and think that the polish is not up to the market. The best , however, is to go with the tried and tested Bona Wood Floor Polish products.

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