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Brown Packaging Tape 48 MM | 66 m

  • General purpose acrylic based packaging tape suitable for commercial use

  • Compatible with a standard dispenser

  • It can be used to seal boxes, join cardboards, attach signs to vertical surfaces

  • Sold in 6 rolls pack, 40 mm width, 66 m long, brown colour with a paper center

  • Manufactured from top quality stretchable acrylic plastic and durable adhesive

  • Due to its high stretchability, you will need less tape to seal large packages

  • It can be applied over paper, cardboard, plastic, chrome, painted surfaces, etc

  • It has superior resistance to impact and it can be used at high temperatures

  • Our packaging tape is not compatible with frozen, wet or greasy surfaces

  • If you are on the market for a premium quality packaging tape, just call us

Brown Packaging Tape 48 MM | 66 m | Why Cleanfast

The market is packed with suppliers of all kinds of packaging tapes of all sizes and qualities. But we are a bit different. We also use a lot of packaging tape and we know how important it is to pay as little as possible for all your packaging supplies and to end up with a decent quality packaging tape. Some of the most expensive packaging tapes out there are just too expensive while other ones are way too sticky for a standard package. Our packaging tape is well priced and good enough to seal all your packages well without breaking your hands in the process of using it. Yes, if you are packaging fine art or super premium quality wines, then maybe you should use the most durable packaging tape. But for your daily wrapping up and boxing up of standard items, our packaging tape is better price wise and for its cost effectiveness. 

Brown Packaging Tape 48 MM | 66 m | Where To Use It

A professional quality packaging tape suitable for residential, commercial and industrial use. It can be used for packaging dry items, parcels, attaching warning signs, sealing plastic panels & all kinds of posting requirements. To be used indoors only. This packaging tape is ideal for any online shop that sends a lot of parcels. Affordable, cost effective and incredibly durable. The product is manufactured from premium quality acrylic components designed to resist heat and light impacts.

Brown Packaging Tape 48 MM | 66 m | How To Use It

The way you plan to use it depends on the level of usage. If you are likely to only use it occasionally, then you can just use the roll as it is and cut strips of tape as required. But if you are a professional user that seals and packages hundreds of boxes per month, then you should be using a packaging tape dispenser. When packaging a parcel make sure to secure the bottom of the box, the sides and the top of it. Don`t just assume that the delivery company will be gentle. You are better off using a bit of extra packaging tape than to have to replace a damaged product. Always make sure that the item inside the box does not move around and is in a fixed position. Then apply packaging tape until it is fully sealed. 

If you are on the market for a great quality packaging tape, then check out our special deals and offers. We are open for business 24/7. Our website prices only apply to standard once off users. If you are likely to buy bulk or larger quantities, please give us a call. We can provide better prices for larger quantities.

Brown Packaging Tape 48 MM | 66 m

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