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Ettore Acrylic Squeegee

-premium quality acrylic glass squeegee from Ettore

-it leaves the glass dry, clean and streak free guaranteed

-suitable for cleaning car windows, shower windows, etc

- manufactured from very flexible acrylic components

-light, easy to use, very affordable and very long lasting

-one of the most popular products from Ettore brand

Ettore Acrylic Squeegee

When buying a squeegee for working on your windows, different factors come into play. First, what is the target use? Squeegees used on the windows in residential and commercial buildings are different from those that will be used on mirrors and vehicle windshields. For instance, they have vastly different sizes. While a particular set of products will be efficient for the building windows, they will be large and bulky when applied to car use or working on your bathroom mirror. The size also matters when it comes to the ease of storage. Will the squeegees be kept in the janitorial closet, or do you want a product that is small enough to fit in the glove compartment of your car, to use when you’re out and about? For the durability, you want a product that is built to last, with the material construction enabling it to withstand frequent cleaning sessions. The ease of use, price tag- they all weigh into the final decision made. For quality and effectiveness when cleaning the windows of your vehicles, boats, RVs, shower doors and mirrors, turn to the 6-inch Ettore Acrylic Squeegee. 

This particular unit is built with a plastic handle, and the smooth rubber blade ensures that you get streak-free results when cleaning your installations. It’s compact, reducing the amount of space taken up, allowing for easy storage whether it is in the bathroom at home or glove box of your vehicle. This design also makes usage a breeze, allowing you to attend to the mirrors in the house and vehicle windshield quickly. The enhanced efficiency gives you more bang for your buck, and the robust construction means that the 6-inch Ettore Acrylic Squeegee gets to serve you for the long haul. 

Cleaning mirrors with the 6-inch Ettore acrylic squeegee

The traditional approach of using a spray bottle and paper towel on your windows often leads to unsatisfactory results. Streaks on the glass surface, smudges and lint- they can be frustrating. What’s more, this approach takes lots of time. Using newspapers is ill-advised, since the ink can easily transfer onto the windows as well. On the other hand, using a squeegee will get you the results you desire, in half the time, whether you’re working on your bathroom mirrors at home, or the large mirrors in fitness studios. Here is how you go about the process:

First, the mirrors need to be washed. The fingerprints, smudges and toothpaste, and greasy residue on the surface are scrubbed using the appropriate cleaning solution for your particular type of mirror. Washing up liquids and specialised glass cleaners are recommended for the process, that way you can be sure that the detergent will be safe for your installation. For the washing, tools like sponges can be used. Once this is done, bring out your 6-inch Ettore Acrylic Squeegee. 

Use the squeegee in a vertical or horizontal motion depending on your preference. In both cases, start at the top, so that you can ensure that the cleaning solution travels down the glass. Ensure that you wipe the blade of the 6-inch Ettore Acrylic Squeegee with a cloth after each stroke. As you squeegee the glass surface, use overlapping wipes, continuing until you’ve worked on the entire installation. 

After you’re done working on the glass surface, use a microfibre cloth to wipe the frames of the unit.

From the road to the open sea

We often find ourselves in situations where one doesn’t exactly have enough time for a top-to-bottom car wash, but the windshield still needs a wipe down. Different kinds of grime end up on it, from dirt, road salt and oil, to smudges, tree sap and other common things in the environment. The inside of the windshield can also get soiled, being contaminated as the outside air gets into the inside of the vehicle, and is blown onto the glass, such as through the defroster vents. Moisture, oils and even cigarette smoke and those annoying streaks that are on the windshield limit visibility, putting in you a perilous situation when you get out onto the open road. The 6-inch Ettore Acrylic Squeegee comes in as a handy tool that enables you to work on vehicle’s windows regardless of the time of day- even when you’ve gone off-road on a camping trip, and want to restore the sparkle to the glass. 

Start by wiping the glass. Dip your sponge into the cleaning solution until it gets saturated, then apply the liquid liberally onto the windshield. For the 6-inch Ettore Acrylic Squeegee to be effective, the window needs to be wet. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to finish squeegeeing before the liquid evaporates from the glass surface, you can always work in sections. For instance, you can divide the windshield into two portions. After wetting the window, place the blade of the 6-inch Ettore Acrylic Squeegee onto the top section of the windshield, and proceed to wipe horizontally. Overlap each stroke with a few inches, wiping the blade after each pass on the glass. This is to prevent the solution from flowing over the blade side and creating streaks. With this approach, it will also be easier to work in sections, and you get to avoid those lengthy arch-swipes. Proceed with this approach until you get to the bottom of the windshield. Remember to clean the windshield wipers as well. This is to prevent them from transferring dirt and debris onto the freshly washed windshield. After you’re done, gently put the wipes back down, rinse the 6-inch Ettore Acrylic Squeegee, wipe it dry, and you’ll be ready to hit the road again. 

The 6-inch Ettore Acrylic Squeegee also finds application in marine environments, being used on the windows and other glass surfaces on boats. When out on the open waters, you want equipment that you can trust to deliver on its mandate, while occupying minimal space for you to bring other essentials along for the trip. The compact 6-inch Ettore Acrylic Squeegee is a popular choice for the task, providing you with its cleaning power while bringing you savings in your budget. 

Ettore Acrylic Squeegee

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