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2San Apple Fresh 5L (formerly Craftex)

 2San (Craftex) Apple Fresh 5L- very powerful deodoriser and bacteria killer- designed for professionals - it contains a very strong apple perfume- suitable to use on carpets & fabric- it can..

2San Citrus Fresh 5L (formerly Craftex)

2San (formerly Craftex) Citrus Fresh -super strong deodoriser and odour neutraliser-suitable for use on carpets, upholstery, floors, etc-contains a very pleasant & durable lemon perfume-it wi..

2San Urine Neutraliser (Craftex)

2San Urine Neutraliser (formerly Craftex) PH neutral, slightly perfumed urine neutraliser from 2SanCompatible with all water washable surfaces, fabrics, carpetsThe recommended dilution rate is 1 ..

Cleanfast Carpet Shampoo PH 13

Cleanfast Carpet Cleaning ShampooOne of the most active and most efficient carpet cleaning shampoosSuitable for residential carpet cleaning and commercial carpet cleaningAlso suitable for sofa, rug, m..

Craftex Acetone Glue Remover 1L

Craftex Acetone Glue Remover -solvent base product capable of removing glue from carpets & fabric-it can be used as a spot remover for fake tan, oils, some paints, etc-suitable for commercial..

Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric Cleaner 5L

Craftex Advanced Formula Fabric CleanerHighly concentrated pre-spray with solvent boosterSafe to use on all types of upholstery, sofas and rugsPH 10, dilution ratio 1 to 20, premium oil stain removerT..

Craftex Alco Spot

 Craftex Alco-Spot Stain Remover-heavy duty solvent stain & spot remover-very efficient on ink, dyes, pen, paints, etc-to be applied undiluted direct on the stain-recommended for the carpet c..

Craftex Antifoam Concentrate 1L

Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 1L-amazing antifoam and foam stabilizer-it can used to maintain low foam level-to be added to any extraction system-highly concentrated & pretty affordableCraftex Ant..

Craftex Antifoam Concentrated 5L

Craftex Antifoam ConcentratedHigh quality defoamer with a dilution ratio of 1 to 500Compatible with all extraction system & all wet vacuumsThe product has to be added diluted to the solution tank&..

Craftex Cherry Twist Bactericidal Deodoriser

Craftex Cherry Twist Bactericidal Deodoriser-very powerful deodoriser and air freshener-suitable for commercial & domestic use-suitable to use on carpets, fabrics, floors,etc-it will also get rid ..

Craftex Chewing Gum Remover

 Craftex Chewing Gum Remover-contains a strong blend of solvents that break chewing gum-removes chewing gum from carpets, sofa, chairs, etc-easy to use and guaranteed to provide good results-read..

Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster

Craftex Citrus Spotter & Booster 1L-water based spot & stain remover from Craftex-this product can be used on fabrics and metal-premium ink, silicon, carbon, wax, oil remover-this product is v..

Craftex Degreaser 5l

 Craftex Degreaser -highly concentrated degreaser & carpet spot remover-it will remove grease & fat from most types of carpets-suitable for use with all hot water extraction machines-pre-..

Craftex Dry Fibre Compound 12KG

Craftex Dry Fibre Compound-professional organic carpet cleaning powder-powerful deep cleaner & stain removing agent-suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning-recommended for carpets, sofas, ..

Craftex Dry Foam Shampoo 5L

Craftex Dry Foam Shampoo -crystallising shampoo suitable for dry washing carpets-it can be used with brush operated carpet cleaning systems-it will dry in a powder that can be easily removed by v..
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Bring Back Your Old Carpet to Life with CleanFast’s Carpet Cleaning Products

Has your carpet become dusty and dirty? Does it no longer look as aesthetic as when you bought it? Then a good clean is what it needs. And if you are looking for effective carpet cleaning products, then we at CleanFast have everything you will need.

Years of dust and dirt accumulation? Our comprehensive range of products can tackle even the toughest stains with ease. Besides, our cleaning products are eco-friendly, and their formulations undergo proper trials for the best cleaning outcome. Head over to our website and choose the solution you need.

Tackle Any Carpet Stain with CleanFast

Your carpet is subject to a lot each day. Our diverse range of carpet cleaning products is enlisted to meet every cleaning need. Whether you are dealing with a stubborn stain, gum, or a foul odour, we have the perfect product for you. Our range includes:

  • Stain Removers: We have the best quality stain removers from leading manufacturers that can handle food, beverage, and paint stains to pet accidents. These are guaranteed to leave your carpet spotless.
  • Carpet Shampoos: Our shampoos can bring back the shine and former beauty of your carpet. These penetrate deep within the fibres to remove dirt.
  • Odour Neutralisers: With everyday use, carpets can produce unpleasant smells. We have carpet odour neutralisers that can eliminate any foul smell and leave your carpet smelling fresh. We also have different scents, from fruity to floral, that you can choose from.
  • Carpet Protectors: These products protect your carpets by creating a protective layer against soiling and stains. This helps keep carpets clean for long.
  • Grease, Oil, and Gum Removers: We also have specialised products to remove extreme grease and oil stains and stuck gums.

Clean Carpets the CleanFast Way

Don’t let dirty, stained carpets take away from the beauty of your home and office. Our commitment to quality ensures that your carpet becomes spotless and fresh after just one use of our products.

So why wait? Visit us at CleanFast and get your hands on the best carpet cleaning products in Ireland.