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-professional injection carpet cleaning machine

-suitable for domestic and light commercial jobs

-the ideal machine for rug & sofa cleaning projects

-very low noise, very powerful abd very reliable

-it comes with a stainless steel wand & upholstery tool

-14 Litre solution tank and 14 Litre waste tank 

-2.5 meters of hose, 10 meters of electric cable

-machine size 300 x 420 x 530 - Weight : 12 Kg

-it can clean about 45 sq meter of carpet per hour


Carpex 14:270 Carpet Cleaning Machine - Where to use

This superb carpet cleaning machine is suitable to use on small to medium projects. Its 14 L waste tank makes it ideal for the car valeting industry, sofa cleaning industry, rug cleaning industry and mattress cleaning industry. It is very small in size, it fitts in most cars and it has enough power to compete with nig carpet cleaning machines. Many acarpet cleaning companies are keeping this premium carpet cleaning machine as a backup. Cleaning all the carpets in an average 3 bed house it will take around 2 hours. The machine can be fiited with a floor cleaning tool so it can be used for cleaning floors as well. The perfect carpet cleaning machine for small house cleaning companies that provide carpet cleaning services as well.


Carpex 14:270 Carpet Cleaning Machine - How to use

This is an injection and extraction carpet cleaning machine and it has to be used with warm water for better results. The cleaning solution can be mixed with liquid carpet cleaning shampoo or powders. It will inject war mater at high pressure right in the middle of the carpet fibre. After a light scrub, the wand will extract about 90% of the waste. Just spray and extract. Very dirty carpets or sofas might require a pre-spray. This machine is easy to use and do not require a lot of training. One of the most powerful carpet cleaning machine for its size.


Carpex 14:270 Carpet Cleaning Machine

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