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-a specially designed carpet machine to produce low noises

-the perfect machine for small commercials and domestic

-it can be used for carpet, sofa, upholstery, mattress cleaning

-1 powerful three stage motor & 1 x 130 psi injection pump

-3 jet stainless steel wand, 10 m power cable & 40 kg weight

-it comes with a professional wand and upholstery tool

-this machine can clean up to 90 sq meter of carpet per hour

--the machine can be split in two parts for easy care & storage

-the ideal carpet cleaning machine for hotels, banks, hospitals

-build from high quality materials this machine is known for reliability


Carpex 50:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine - Where to use

This unique system was designed with a special silencer. This machine produces very little levels of noises and it can be used in banks, hospitals, schools, public buildings, etc, while business as usual. Its 50 l solution tank and 50 l waste tank makes this machine the ideal size for medium to big projects. You can clean around 90 to 100 square meter of carpets per hour. Extra hoses can be attached to cover a bigger area. The machine comes with a professional 3 jet wand and a plastic upholstery tool. The machine can be fitted with Carpex heather. It comes with 7.5 meters of hoses as standard. This highly efficient carpet cleaning machine costs much less than similar products from other brands but it provides much better performance. Hundreds of carpet cleaning companies use this machine daily.


Carpex 50:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine - How to use

This is an injection and extraction carpet cleaning machine. It can be used with warm or hot water for better results. The machine can use all types of carpet cleaning shampoos or carpet cleaning powders. Mix the dilution outside the solution tank and make sure that the powder is fully diluted before filling the solution tank. The machine will inject high pressure carpet cleaning solution inside the carpet fibre. Allow 3-5 minutes for the solution to work and then scrub the whole area with the wand. Extract the waste. Job done. Some carpets might require pre-sprays or special stain removers. Repeat the operation if the carpet does not look as expected. Always empty the machine when moving around in a van. Make sure that the carpet cleaning machine is fixed and does not move around the van.


Carpex 50:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine

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