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-commercial carpet cleaning machine suitable for large areas

-its huge 70 L solution tank & 70 L waste tank makes it very handy

-it can operate with 20 meters of hoses to cover huge floor area

-it can be used for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, sofa cleaning

-the machine is sold with a 3 jet stainless steel wand & sofa tool

-the machine can be split in two parts for easy carry and easy storage

-1500 w x 3 stage x 2 motors - 7.5 meter of hoses & 10 m power cable

-this carpet cleaning machine can clean 100 sq meter of carpet per hour

-its powerful pump will inject 130 psi of pressure through 3 jets wand


Carpex 70:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine - Where to use

This is the big daddy of the carpet cleaning industry. With 1 tank of solution you can use the machine for about 1 hour. The powerful pump will spray a mist of cleaning solution at high pressure. This powerful carpet cleaning machine can be used for cleaning huge commercial carpets, domestic carpets, upholstery, sofas, curtains, mattresses, etc. Its powerful extraction motors will leave the surface fully dry in less than 1 hour. The machine comes with 7.5 m of hoses but extra hoses can be added up to 20 meters long without loosing its suction. The pump will blast the carpet with the cleaning solution while the rwo 3 stahes extraction motors will extract all the waste. This machine is only suitable for professional carpet cleaning companies.


Carpex 70:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine - How to use

Bear in mind that Carpex 70:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine is an injection & extraction carpet cleaning machine. The cleaning solution can be made from diluting carpet cleaning shampoo or carpet cleaning powder. When using carpet cleaning powder, make sure that the powder is fully diluted before adding it to the solution tank. The powders can build residue on the solution hoses if is not fully diluted. Operating this machine is very easy. Always mix the cleaning detergent with warm water for better results. Pre-spray the surface, allow 3-5 minutes to break the dirt, scrub rge carpet and extract the waste. Insist on the carpet with the want until no more waste can be extracted. Carpex 70:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine can be fitted with a heather. One of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines available in ireland. Amazing quality, amazing durability & amazing value for money!


Carpex 70:300 Carpet Cleaning Machine

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