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Carver Omeg-Art Two Component Polyutherane Floor Lacquer

Carver Omeg-Art Two Pack Polyurethane Floor Lacquer

  • Two pack high traffic polyurethane based commercial floor lacquer

  • Outstanding durability, unequalled natural finish and easy to apply

  • Anti-Slip water based floor sealer, available in matt and semi gloss

  • It will cover around 10-12 square meters per 1L, fume free, clear

  • Does not change the look of the wood, non yellowing floor lacquer

  • To be applied in two coats system over a solvent/water based primer

  • Quick drying, fast recoatable, non glazing water based floor lacquer

  • Highly recommended for sport rooms, restaurant floors,bars, GYMs

  • Europe's most popular water based polyurethane floor lacquer

Carver Omeg-Art Two Pack Polyurethane Floor Lacquer - Where to use it

Due to its outstanding durability and anti-slip qualities (EN 13036-4), this product is the perfect floor finish for high traffic commercial floors, sport rooms, halls, bars, restaurants, etc. Carver Omeg-Art Two Pack Polyurethane Floor Lacquer is available in matt and satin finishes. The product looks 100% natural, it does not alter the look of the wood, is fume free and compatible with Carver Primol Turbo (oil based stain). It can also be used for sealing domestic floors. 

Matt Sheen 15%

Satin Sheen 35%

Taber Test 12MG

Carver Omeg-Art Two Pack Polyurethane Floor Lacquer - How to use it

Sand the wood surface to remove all pre-existing finishes and sealers. Prime the floor or stain the floor with one of Carver`s wood stains. Allow time to dry and mix up the floor lacquer with the hardener. Only mix what you are likely to use within 2-3 hours. If you are lacquering 20 sq meters of floors, you will need about 2 litres of lacquer. The mixture ratio is 1 to 10. After the hardener is mixed with the lacquer, allow 10-15 minutes to react before applying it to the floor. A few hours later sand the first coat of lacquer with 150-180 grit sandpaper & vacuum the floor well. Apply the second coat. Use a professional varnishing roller and a soft varnishing brush for the edges. Always order 20% more lacquer than you might need. Just in case you need to touch up.  Clean your tools with warm water.

Carver Omeg-Art Two Pack Polyurethane Floor Lacquer is not your classic floor lacquer. This product will outlast most other similar floor lacquers, it is thicker and it looks more natural. Place your order today and receive your goods within 48 hours. Ask your flooring contractor to seal your wood floors with the new Carver Omeg-Art Two Pack Polyurethane Floor Lacquer

Carver Omeg-Art Two Pack Polyurethane Floor Lacquer

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