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 Cherry Wood Stain

-professional cherry wood stain from Tover (oil)

-suitable for staining all types of unsealed wood

-recommended for staining “bright” wood surfaces

-to be applied with a cloth or a floor pad (low speed)

-will create a rich cherry colour in only one coat

-to be applied only on unsealed wood floors/furniture

-requires overcoating with a lacquer or varnish

-elegant, rich, affordable, popular and universal use

-will cover around 20-30 sq meter of wood per 1L

-not suitable to use on oak or walnut wood surfaces

Cherry Wood Stain - Why cherry

Floors or furniture manufactured from cherry wood are likely to cost a fortune. But now you can achieve the same look with this amazing wood stain from Tover. With only 1 quick coat of cherry wood stain, you can transform your old and cheap pine floors into elegant cherry floors. Very few people will ever be able to tell the difference. The cherry wood stain is also very popular with the painting industry. You can apply 1 coat of cherry wood stain on your door frames, window sills, on your doors etc. and then seal it with 1-2 coats of two pack lacquer. Magic transformation guaranteed. 

Cherry Wood Stain - Where to use

Tover Cherry Wood Stain can be used to change the colour and enhance the look of all solid or semi solid wood surfaces. It can be used on hardwood floors, semi solid floors, frames, doors, skirting, furniture, statues, art work, worktops, etc. The wood stain has to be applied on newly sanded or new wood floor surfaces that are sealant free. For the stain to dry, it has to be fully absorbed by the wood. Tover Cherry Wood Stain is very popular with the floor sanding and floor refinishing industry. It provides a unique look, high coverage area and it saves a lot of money. Imagine the cost of replacing 50 sq meter of of pine floor with 50 sq meters of cherry floor. You can achieve the same look with a wood stain. 

Cherry Wood Stain - How to use

If you are planning to stain an old floor, you will need to start the sanding process. All pre-existing finishes have to be removed before staining. If you are planning to stain a new wood floor, you will need to make sure that the surface is dry, clean & dust free. For small staining jobs you can use a towel cloth and for larger wood surfaces you will need to use a low speed floor buffer and a white pad (otherwise it will take forever).

Soak the cloth in the wood stain and begin by staining the edges without touching areas that are not meant to get stained. Wear a pair of gloves to avoid staining your skin. Put enough pressure on the cloth to ensure even application. If some areas look darker/brighter than the rest of the floor, go over one more time, apply more stain or remove the excess. The floor will absorb whatever it needs instantly. Some floors might require a second coat of stain to achieve the desired tone. Apply the second coat 5-7 hours later. After the staining, the surface will require sealing. If you are using a water based floor lacquer, use a two pack to make it compatible with the wood stain. Solvent finishes are also compatible in single and two pack.

Cherry Wood Stain - Coverage area

1L of wood stain will cover around 20-30 sq meter of floor if applied with a cloth or more than 50 sq meters if applied with a floor buffer. The coverage area can increase or decrease from floor to floor. Soft wood surfaces like pine are likely to absorb more wood stain while hardwood like oak is likely to absorb less. The skill of the applicator will also affect the coverage.

Cherry Wood Stain

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