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Chimiver Varnishing Brush

Chimiver Varnishing Brush

  • Top quality varnishing brush compatible with all types of varnishes and primers

  • Manufactured from fine quality bristle that will leave a quality streak free finish 

  • Highly recommended for the professional floor sanding and floor refinishing trade

  • Wood handle, clearly labeled by Chimiver and the bristles covered with a protector

  • It can be used on all vertical surfaces, all horizontal surfaces & ceilings as well

  • Suitable for all kinds of floor varnishing and priming, painting, furniture restoration

  • The brush can be washed with clean water or spirits and reused many times over

  • Chimiver sells two types of varnishing brushes, a 5 cm one and a larger 7 cm one

  • Effortlessly fits into all the narrow corners, around the skirting boards & tight spaces

  • The secret of achieving top quality results and to working efficiently is in quality equipment 

  • Very well priced | Highly cost effective | It can be used with emulsions as well

Chimiver Varnishing Brush | Why Use It

While many people can achieve some results when varnishing or painting surfaces, it never ends up looking as good as when done by the professionals. Those professional tradesmen must be magic! They are not, but they invest money in premium quality products and equipment. A quality varnishing brush like the new Chimiver Varnishing Brush might look like any other varnishing brush, but that is not the case. Its fine quality bristles will absorb twice as much varnish | primer | lacquer than the cheaper brushes and it will distribute the product much more evenly without poodles of the product being left on one spot. It also prevents leaks and drops when varnishing vertical surfaces or ceilings. Even better, after every clean, the new Chimiver Varnishing Brush will look as new again and it can be used for very long periods of time.

Chimiver Varnishing Brush | Where To Use It

While the new Chimiver Varnishing Brush was designed for professional use while lacquering, varnishing or priming wood surfaces, it can be used pretty much anywhere. We sell this top quality varnishing brush to a number of floor sanding and floor refinishing contractors, to painting contractors, to DIY users and the list can go on. Whenever a good quality painting or varnishing brush is required, the new Chimiver Varnishing Brush will produce outstanding results. It has superior chemical resistance, the handle is fully waterproof and stainproof and the steel frame that holds the bristles together is manufactured from stainless steel. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Chimiver Varnishing Brush | How To Use

Before varnishing larger floor areas or larger walls or ceiling areas, any professional contractor has to do the classic cutting around the edges. The new Chimiver Varnishing Brush was made for that particular job. Prepare a smaller bucket with whatever product you plan to use, place the bristle of the brush about 80% in it, allow it 2-5 seconds to absorb enough product, rub the bristle of the brush against the top of the small bucket to avoid leaks and drips and start applying the product to the surface. You will notice instantly that the new Chimiver Varnishing Brush leaves a clean and smooth finish without having to go a number of times over the same area. Repeat the operation and move along. For larger floor areas or wall | ceiling areas a varnishing roller should be used to increase productivity. When done with the varnishing brush make sure to clean it well so any product residue will be removed in full. Clean all kinds of water based products with clean water while the solvent products have to be removed with white spirit or diluent. 

Chimiver Varnishing Brush | Recommendations

Do not use solvent based products and water based products with the same varnishing brush without cleaning it before moving from one product to the other one. Do not wait for hours to wash your varnishing brush after use. Do not leave the varnishing brush in water jars or buckets overnight. Do not put the brush on the floor while still full of product. Do buy a smaller varnishing brush and a larger varnishing brush when dealing with large contracts. 

Chimiver Varnishing Brush

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